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: : Books


Hila Shachar. Cultural Afterlives and Screen Adaptations of Classic Literature: Wuthering Heights and Company. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Elements of In-Between

The Elements of In-Between. A joint book project with artist Amy Borrell, 2011. Read a review here. Available for purchase in Hardcover and Paperback.

: : Essays/articles published in books

A Companion to the Historical Film

Hila Shachar. “Authorial Histories: The Historical Film and the Literary Biopic.” In A Companion to the Historical Film. Ed. Robert A. Rosenstone and Constantin Parvulescu. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. Pp. 199-219.

neo victorian families

Hila Shachar. “The Lost Mother and the Enclosed Lady: Gender and Domesticity in MTV’s Adaptation of Wuthering Heights.” In Neo-Victorian Families: Gender, Sexual and Cultural Politics. Ed. Marie-Luise Kohlke and Christian Gutleben. Amsterdam; New York, NY: Rodopi, 2011. Pp. 221-244.

twilight collection

Hila Shachar. “A Post-Feminist Romance: Love, Gender and Intertextuality in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.” In Theorizing Twilight: Essays on What’s at Stake in a Post-Vampire World. Ed. Natalie Wilson and Maggie Parke. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2011. Pp. 147-161.

madwoman collection

Hila Shachar. “The Legacy of Hell: Wuthering Heights on Film and Gilbert and Gubar’s Feminist Poetics.” In Gilbert and Gubar’s The Madwoman in the Attic After Thirty Years. Ed. Annette Federico. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2009. Pp. 149-169.

: : Fiction

spilling ink

Hila Shachar. “Miranda in Red.” In Spilling Ink. Ed. Amy Burns. Glasgow: Unbound Press, 2011. Short Story Competition Winner.

: : Other


Hila Shachar. “Touching.” In Meanjin (Vol. 72, No. 2). Ed. Zora Sanders. Melbourne University Press, 2013. Pp. 184-188.

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