My name is Hila Shachar and I’m a writer and lecturer in English literature at De Montfort University. I live and work in Leicester, England. I have extensive experience producing online/print marketing and PR materials, journalism, blogging, magazine writing, copy-writing, proofing, editing, and more.

I work as a writer for The Australian Ballet and contribute regularly to their official blog, Behind Ballet. I also write for Underscore Magazine and Notes on Metamodernism, as well as being part of the Editorial Team.

I’m available for all manner of writing, editing, research and marketing work. So please email me at hila.shachar@dmu.ac.uk if you’re interested. I am also available to comment and offer expertise for media pieces in my research areas, and have done so before. Please visit my university page for more details.

Please visit my professional portfolio website for more details about my work, background and publications. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Le projet d’amour is both my personal blog and part of my research. My blog has a strong readership and has been nominated for the Voices 2013 awards. My posts have also been mentioned and featured on many sites, including Bust Magazine, Dazed Digital, Apartment Therapy, Bitch Flicks, Worn Journal, and others. All written work is copyrighted to me, unless otherwise stated.


Thank you for your emails and questions! I do my best to answer them all. These are the most common ones:

Why wasn’t my comment published?
All comments on this blog are moderated, so please read my Comment Policy. If your comment doesn’t fall within the comments I don’t allow on this blog, it’s most likely that my automatic spam filter has picked up your comment without my knowledge. I only notice this when I check my spam folder. There are usually good reasons why these comments were picked up by blogger’s automatic spam detection, the most common one being that the comment includes one or more blog/site links with a very short comment of 1-3 words. Please note that using the comment field to promote your blog/site is considered spamming and is not necessary as your name is already linked to your blog/site.

Can I link your blog? Will you link my blog on your blogroll?
Yes, of course you can link my blog, thank you. I visit every blog link that is sent to me. However, I can’t link every blog that is sent to me as I like to keep my blogroll to a manageable number.

Does your blog include affiliate linking, paid giveaways, sponsored posts, etc.?
No, none of the above.

Will you review/talk about my product/work/book?
My blog is based on my personal opinions and personal taste, so if I like something, I’ll talk about it, and if I don’t, then I won’t. I’m happy to receive any suggestions, but please be aware that this does not necessarily mean I’ll post about it.

Could you write something for me?
I’m always happy to receive any requests for writing work, so don’t be shy, I respond quickly. Please email me if you’re interested. However, please don’t send me requests to write university/school essays for you, and the like. This is plagiarism and I absolutely discourage any form of plagiarism.

Can I post your text/pictures on my blog?
You may post my pictures as long as you give full credit in the form of linking back to my blog. If you wish to re-post/quote anything I have written, please give me credit for my work by stating that I’m the author and linking back to this blog (I’d also appreciate an email). If I have featured someone else’s images or words, please link back to the original owner of the text/images and give them proper credit.

Can you give me advice about doing a PhD?
My best advice would be to contact the department/faculty at the university in which you’re thinking of doing a PhD to receive specific information about the requirements for and process of undertaking a PhD at that particular institution. And if you decide to do a PhD, good luck (may the writing gods be with you)!

Have you taken writing classes? Could you recommend some writing classes/books to me?
No, I’ve never taken a writing class in my life, nor have I read any writing guide books, so I’m afraid I can’t help there. But if you’re interested in some writing classes, I would suggest googling local writing centres in your area, or perhaps contacting Creative Writing/English Departments at your local university for advice.

Copyright & reblogging:

I don’t mind my writing/posts being re-blogged, quoted, or re-used, as long as you let me know about it and give me credit for my work by stating that I’m the author and linking back to this blog. This is basic and fair, I do the same for the people I feature on this blog. Thank you!