Sivan and snow

Friday, 26 December 2014

Today, Sivan, my niece, was born in Australia. It began snowing here in England in big fluffy flakes soon after. I don’t think this is a coincidence. The best way I know how to show love is through words, so it was also not a coincidence that my first instinct was to write a poem. I wish I was good – I mean really good, good enough to use these words and write poems that capture exactly what I feel, the intensity of it, and the wonder, and not just the shadow of these. I doubt I ever will be, that greatness seems to be reserved for a few. But so what, it’s better to say something, no?

So this is for Sivan, who came with snow. Welcome to the world, little one.

Sivan and snow

There are many symbols
I would have chosen for you,

but today, you came,
followed by diagonal lines
falling from the sky

until today, I did not know
they had their own sound.

The large criss-crossing ones
landed like locks of hair
the smaller buzzing ones
that came an hour later

congregated on my windowsill
melted into water
and clung as breath to glass.

I think of you
all new and fresh
warmer, yet as swooshing
and clumsy as these lines.

I think of the world
that is out there for you,

and hope that like this
you will be strong enough to melt
malleable enough to fall
and ever-suspended in
the beauty.


Danielle P. said...

I love the way you wove both these events, a new baby joining your family and your first experience of falling snowflakes.

I've seen snow all my life, with lessening enthusiasm as I've grown older, but I'll be thinking of your poem the next time it snows here.

Erin said...

Oh, I like the last stanza so much.

Mariella said...

Such a beautiful poem, Hila you could not have chosen more beautiful words to welcome your niece.Congratulations on such a beautiful news. The arrival of a child always always brings a bit more joy into this world.

Bethany said...

"and clung as breath to glass."
What a beautiful line, Hila. What a beautiful poem and way to commemorate the birth of your niece. Welcome to the world, baby Sivan! And congratulations on becoming an aunt, friend. :)

Odessa said...

This is so lovely, Hila! I love the last stanza very much. And welcome Baby Sivan, my birthday twin. xx

rooth said...

A big belated congrats and welcome to the world Sivan!