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I’m preparing course material I’ll be teaching right now, alongside trying to get some research done. So my mind is filled with comparisons as I think about similarities and differences between certain books and films, myths and images. I guess you could call these image comparisons above a related break from my work. But also, they hint at some ideas I’ve explored before, and which I want to extend. I’m interested in gestures, colours, themes ... I don’t expect all of these comparisons to make immediate sense, maybe some of them only do so to me. But they were fun to make. Here’s to useful procrastination.

Image credits (top to bottom, left to right): Screen capture from Great Expectations; Helen of Troy by Dante Gabriel Rossetti; Lady in a Garden by Edmund Leighton; Screen capture from Cracks; Beauty by John Everett Millais; Screen capture from The English Patient; Screen capture from Bright Star; Morning Sun by Edward Hopper; Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May by John William Waterhouse; Screen capture from Bright Star; Screen capture from Russian Ark; The Ionian Dance by Edward John Poynter; Screen capture from I Capture the Castle; Ophelia by John William Waterhouse; Lost by Frederick McCubbin; Screen capture from Picnic at Hanging Rock; Courtship by Edmund Blair Leighton; Screen capture from The Piano.


StrongImagination said...

Beautiful! This reminds me of the colour comparisons Miss Moss does sometimes, juxtaposing art and haute couture, film and streetstyle, ...:

I like posts like this as an introduciton into a story, because lately I feel more drawn to the atmosphere of a story than the storyline itsself.

sheila said...

love these Hila, we were told to watch russian ark at some point, keep meaning to. my fav above is the comparison between hopper and bright star ✨

Sasha said...

I love these. These types of image-based comparisons are always my favorite things to come across as they force me to re-imagine my own understandings of certain things and draw patterns across seemingly unrelated materials.

helen tilston said...

Hila thank you for your next post. I have been feeling exactly as you have written. The pack mentality is so prevalent, vulgar, mean and ill-informed.
I wish "the pack"would have the same enthusiasm in their own villages, towns and countries and step forward and do something positive where they have local knowledge and understanding of the local history.
Sending fond wishes

Chuck said...

Wow, Bright Star/Edward Hopper is particularly gorgeous.

Amanda M. said...

This post is a thing of beauty. Thank you for it!