A fond temporary farewell

Friday, 11 April 2014

Kobi & I

I move to England next week, flying out on Thursday. To say I’m frantic, stressed, excited, terrified, sad, happy, emotional and tired right now is an understatement. The last few days and weeks have been a whirlwind of last minute work, packing, paperwork, angst, tears, more packing, more paperwork. I’m convinced this is the right move for me, and the best job I could hope for. But even when you get what you want, it’s still tinged with sadness, with a catch.

The catch here is moving so far away from friends and family, being separated from my best pal, Kobi, for a few months, worrying like crazy about his long flight over to the UK, generally worrying about making this huge move to the other side of the world on my own. But despite my pedantic and inclined-to-obsess-and-worry personality, despite my anxiety and stress, I know I’m strong. I’ve been through much harder stuff before.

I wonder what the next few years will be like, how I’ll settle into life in the UK, whether I’ll ever live in Australia again, or somewhere else, who I will meet, what my job will be like, what my new students will be like, how I’ll carve out my own little corner and nest in England. And whether Kobi will love or hate being a cold English cat. I wonder what I will miss, how different homesickness for Australia will feel from homesickness for Israel. I wonder how I will change, and how I will stay the same.

The next few weeks will be so busy, so this blog will be quiet. I’m not sure how quickly I will find a place to live or have regular internet once again. I’m pretty active on instagram if you’re inclined to follow, but blogging will have to wait till I’m more settled. So in the meantime, I say a fond temporary farewell, and I’ll see you on the other side of the world.


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Best wishes to you in your new nest.

ziazia said...

Hope you have a wonderful and smooth flight and whole moving experience!
It's great and inspiring to read how you have willed all your hard work and study to exactly what you want. Catch and all, it's the best for you.


P.d. I've read you for a long time but never commented but I wanted to wish you the best and say Hola all the way from Tijuana, Mx.

Chuck said...

Admittedly small comfort compared to a big move but... the weather here has been not awful recently! Hurrah! Are you moving to London or the provinces?

Danielle P. said...

Dear Hila,
I just want to wish you all the best in this big, crazy adventure on which you're embarking. I look forward to your future blog posts from your new life. Have a safe and uneventful trip, and remember to breathe!

rooth said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your move. I know you'll be updating us soon but in the meantime, bon voyage and be safe!

Gracia said...

Best wishes to you and Kobi. To the adventure ahead. To noting the differences in homesick for Israel and homesick for Australia. So much to make one 'emotional and tired'. Family, friends... the ache. And so much to do. But I know you'll love it, thrive, and Kobi too (who I suspect will love the snuggle weather of the UK and buttered crumpet crumbs as you read, read, read, and work, work, work). Safe travels, Hila. XO

Rambling Tart said...

Wishing you and Kobi safe travels on both of your flights. XO Hoping you find a wonderful little nook in England that you absolutely love and can't wait to return home to each night. May you find kindred spirits and beautiful places and inspiring projects. XO

Kelly said...

Hila, I've never been to Australia, but many of your photos here and on Instagram remind me a lot of the climate here in Southern California. Having never been to England, either, I can imagine what a huge transition it will be as you make a new country your home and get used to new skies, flora and fauna.

I will be thinking of you (and Kobe!) and look forward to hearing from you on the other side. Godspeed!

VegetableJ said...


The really good thing about moving, as I know you remember, will be all the learning and the extra depth of perspective from living in another landscape and culture.

Yes, there is all the sadness of leaving, the nostalgia for the left, but soon there will be attachment to the new place, too.

At least you are moving to a place whee you speak the language -- that alone gives you an enormous leg up. BUT watch out for those cussed roundabouts and fried sausage&chips smothered with gravy.

Best of luck.

Maddie Stroud said...

I'm thinking about doing the same thing soon - good luck on your journey. You are a beautiful writer.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

so. teaching? okay.
you're closer to wuthering heights now, aren't you?
i hope for you you'll find your ground, as will kobi, undoubtedly. n♥

cafe rennais said...

Dear Hila, I had the sudden urge to visit your blog again after a long time. I've since closed my blog "cafe rennais" when I temporarily put a pause on my art practice. And of course there were other big changes happening too.

It's a big surprise to hear about your move to England but I feel your excitement and worry. I'm excited about your new adventures and wish you all the best! Please keep on writing on your blog, it remains an inspiration for me. :)


PS If only I read your posts earlier, I would have loved to meet you while I was in London for vacation last week to talk about art and literature. But then again, maybe another time. :)

Hila said...

Thank you all, friends!

Chuck: The 'provinces' - i.e. Leicester :)

tinyWOOLF: yes, I'm teaching - I'm a lecturer in English literature.

cafe rennais: Ah that's a shame! But next time...