Happy birthday Louise!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bird friends

duck watching

Bird friends

Bird friends

Bird friends

Bird friends

Bird friends

I often forget to blog about birthdays because I grew up in a family that is unsentimental about them (although very loving). But today I wanted to make an effort to say happy birthday to Louise!

I met Gracia and Louise in person last year after being friends online and meeting through our respective blogs. I often think that people regard friendships formed online suspiciously – like they’re not ‘real’ because the internet isn’t ‘real’. I don’t buy that. My friendship with Gracia and Louise is most certainly real and I don’t think I could have met kinder or more generous people. So here’s to you my friends, and here’s to Louise – happy birthday! Collected for you are some bird friends, whom I know you will love.

Hope you have a wonderful day Louise, and many pats for Percy, Omar and Olive. XX


Gracia said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, dear Hila. I love them! I love your words! My birthday has just become more special. xo Louise

(I have been trying to send the above for an age but typepad keeps failing on me. I am re-entering password after password. Hope this time it works. Thanks again for your dear words. xo)

Rambling Tart said...

They most certainly ARE real. :-) Moving to Australia and not knowing anyone but Bear, my only relationships were online ones and they kept me going until I could add real life people to the mix. :-) So glad you have such good friends.

Hila said...

My absolute pleasure Louise!! xoxo

I know what you mean Krista :)