A small announcement


AFJ (3)

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do with packing, moving and sorting through my work visa application (ugh), I’ve joined an editorial team this week. Luisa asked me to be the Copy Editor of Alphabet Family Journal, and I agreed. She asked me after we had a conversation about new publications investing in writers.

It’s no secret that I’ve expressed some concerns about the general de-valuing of writing and so my decision to join this editorial team was informed by the fact that this publication will invest in writers, pay writers, have a transparent and fair submission process, and aim to provide a professional quality of writing that matches the professionalism of its aesthetic and photography. This may sound naive, but I do hope new publications created with these aims will help create more opportunities for writers.

You can find out more about the magazine and its editorial team on the website and as things progress, I will blog some more. In the meantime, I just wanted to say, thanks Luisa!

Images are by Alphabet Family Journal.