The Holocaust is not your metaphor

Yad Vashem

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and I’ve written an article for the Guardian on why we shouldn’t use the Holocaust as a metaphor: The Holocaust is not your metaphor to use in modern political debates. Here’s a small excerpt:

“Enough dehumanising violence was done to second world war victims during their own time; we have no right to add to that violence by further reducing them to nameless images in our current advertising and social media campaigns. Their bodies and lives are not our public property.”

If you would like to read the rest, click here.

I’ve already received nasty emails about this article. While I respect the fact that people will disagree with my position on this, if you’re planning on emailing me, please note that: a) I will not respond to abusive emails, they will be immediately deleted; and b) don’t expect me to change my mind. I’ve formed this opinion based on knowledge, personal experience and the experience of others. I’m not looking to be convinced otherwise.

But let me reiterate what this article and post are about: remembering the victims.