No Resolutions

Evening sky

I have no desire to make any New Year resolutions, simply because my biggest one for the past few years (get a good, stable job that I actually like) has already been fulfilled and seeking more seems greedy right now. But there are a few things I want to write down today. I know that soon my mind will be filled with administrative detail, and packing, and moving, and I won’t have much time to notice anything else. But today, I just want to look at things and record them in my memory.

This is not so much a poem, but a list of things I’ll miss ...

Flowers in the sun

No Resolutions

Kobi glinting in the sun, waddling in between burnt leaves

The blinding blue of the sky in Perth, which hurts my eyes and makes them swim

Brown fur through patches of light

Roses blooming in deep red, loud pink, peachy orange and sublime white in my mum’s front garden

Candy floss clouds floating in the evening sky

The smell of the sea all year round

The hard, diamond like gleam on the tops of sultry leaves

Daily freckles on my shoulders and nose in summer

Shoe tan lines on my feet

The crackling brown grass, exhausted by the heat

The steam coming off pavements like waves of smoke

My favourite tree that changes from brown, to green, to lavender, and then drops heavy curtains of light purple, dusting the street and cars with its colour

Long drives that lead to nowhere

A favourite chair to be left behind, on which I laughed, cried, ate, slept and read

Sitting by the river with a sugary milkshake in hand, numbing my fingers as my toes get burnt

Ice cream that melts before the first taste

Nights with the windows wide open

My friends, who I will miss so much it hurts

My mum’s hugs, my dad’s hugs, my brother’s sarcasm, missing them will be the hardest

His tail is always up

P.S. Kobi is coming with me though, he will be a cold, English cat.