New to the online shop

Phone cases by Orna Shachar

Pink Roses phone case by Orna Shachar

Golden Roses phone case by Orna Shachar

Kookaburra phone case by Orna Shachar

Wild Rose phone case by Orna Shachar

Kookaburra phone case by Orna Shachar

My mum has new phone cases in her online shop, printed with her designs. These are all printed locally (Western Australia) by her friend who does this professionally for a living. This means that you can also customise the phone designs – if you see another design and would like it printed for a specific phone model, you can email my mum to request it.

I think these cases turned out beautifully and I’m proud of my mum for trying new things. She’s also thinking of printing this painting and another painting of blue and white roses (similar to this) onto iPhone cases for the shop. All of the designs are of course based on her original paintings.

Right before we decided to try out some phone cases, my mum wanted to close down the online shop. I can’t say I blame her. I voiced some fears about how difficult it would be to sell her work online in this post, and I feel irrationally disappointed in myself for not being able to do more to help. My parents are nearing retirement and yet are working twice as hard as they used to. And I often watch from the sidelines feeling helpless.

Of course, nearly everyone goes through this, I know.

I believe in my mother’s integrity, professionalism and talent as an artist. And so, with fingers crossed, I’ll ask that if you happen to like her art too, I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word about her shop and the cases.

Happy weekend everyone.