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The title of this post is self-explanatory. I’m looking for more work: both full-time, regular work, and freelance work in the meantime. This post acts as a small summary of my skills and experience. It’ll be my last post for a while as I’m taking a small break from my blog (by the way, thanks for all the emails about the previous post).

So here’s what I can do, and what I have done:

Writing: I’ve got more than seven years experience of writing on a freelance basis for various companies, publications and organisations. There are few writing jobs I can’t do, or can’t tackle, from writing blog posts, poems for people’s wedding invitations, speeches, reports, travel guides, magazine articles, opinion pieces, fiction, critical essays, film, ballet and book reviews, memoir pieces, scripts for films and scripts for online learning sessions, and much, much more.

Some companies, institutions, websites and publications I’ve written for include: The Australian Ballet, Underscore magazine, The Australian Film Institute, Meanjin literary journal, Overland journal, The Guardian, Anthology magazine, Design*Sponge, Nextness blog for STW Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Wiley-Blackwell publishers, Rodopi press, Random House Australia, McFarland press, The University of Missouri Press, The South Circular, Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University, Desktop magazine, Yen magazine, Fremantle Markets, The Strzelecki Group, and others.

Editing: Things I’ve professionally edited include: fictional book manuscripts for self-published authors, fictional, biographical and academic book manuscripts for editors and large publishing houses, doctoral and masters theses and dissertations, short and long essays, plays and film scripts, professional pamphlets and business booklets, course and unit programme booklets, journal articles, and others.

Research: This is a strong area of expertise for me. I have helped research large research projects that have resulted in government grants, smaller projects in various subject areas, research for individual clients and museums, galleries and universities, and my own research conducted in numerous ways. They include: being part of a government funded research team (supported by the Office for Learning and Teaching, Australian Government) based on the development of an online Open Educational Resources (OER) repository; several years of research into Holocaust survivors and interviewing survivors; working as a Research Assistant at The University of Western Australia in areas such as Land Law, Property Law and literature, Mabo Land Law and nineteenth-century literature; archival research in museums and galleries in areas such as film, literature and drama; copyright law research.

I can collate, manage and report material in a timely and efficient manner.

Copywriting: I’ve done a range of copywriting work and I currently work as a copywriter for Fremantle Markets. Copywriting experience I have includes: writing product descriptions for websites and online shops; writing press releases for companies, events and organisations; writing blogs posts and helping to run official blogs for companies; social media marketing and helping to run official facebook and twitter accounts for companies; writing travel pamphlets, booklets and catalogue essays for galleries, museums and ballet programmes; writing poster text and advertising text; writing conference documents; writing newsletters and emails; writing successful applications for awards (such as tourism awards) and business grants for companies; and much more.

Marketing: Related to the above, I have worked for marketing teams for companies and organisations such as The Australian Ballet, The Strzelecki Group and currently, Fremantle Markets. For more details, please contact me for my CV.

Tutoring: I tutor high school and university students in private, one-on-one lessons. My success rate in building up their marks and understanding is high. Currently, for example, I have a student whose marks have been raised from an average of failing/50% to 70-80%. I can help students with essay writing skills and preparing for exams.

* * *

I don’t post my CV online, since I’ve had a few stalkerish types. I’m happy though to send my CV via email if requested.

For any further details, details about my rates, or if you’d like to contact me about any work and enquires, my email is:


NOTE: Please DO NOT contact me about writing school/university essays for you as this is cheating. I get these emails a lot and I’m begging students to not put themselves in this vulnerable position. If you need help with your work or are struggling, speak to someone.

To reiterate: I’m also looking for full-time work in areas of marketing, copywriting, etc. Feel free to email me about that too.