News from Nowhere 5


: : Two books I’m reading now pictured above, which are just so good: Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany and The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. I haven’t finished them yet, but they are worthy of early note.

: : SAFE Perth urgently needs foster carers for cats and kittens, anyone interested? If so, foster carer enquiries can be directed to

: : If you’re a feminist you’ll be called a man-hater. You don’t need rebranding:

If I hear the word ‘rebranding’ in relation to feminism one more time, I’ll scream. The objective of feminism is not to be universally liked. It is a political and social movement, not a popularity contest. When magazines marketed to women talk about the ‘rebranding’ of feminism, what they actually mean is: ‘we want to remove what makes feminism a political and social movement and make it less threatening to our industry’. They’re not on your side, and you do not need to be universally liked or prescriptively attractive in order to inhabit space on this earth as a woman. The fact that you are human should be enough – but we live in a world that still tells us, in so many blunt and manipulative ways, that it isn’t.

: : Abbott’s age of entitlement: Tony’s Top Twenty-five & Big bucks for MPs’ Bollywood adventure:

There you have it: attending weddings and events using tax-payer money is legit “study”, but ARC projects (which are actually proper study that is rigorously selected and backed-up) are a “waste” of tax-payer money. Can you smell the hypocrisy?

: : Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields:

This is not a pleasant article, and quite confronting. But at the same time, I think these stories should be shared, because these are the consequences of dehumanisation. I reported a comment I read on the Guardian article below where a man called Jews “anti-human”. If such ideas are still prevalent in 2013, then we have much work to do fighting against them.

: : Antisemitism doesn’t always come doing a Hitler salute

: : Lazy, Arrogant and Full of Stick Figures:

“The behaviour bemoaned by these articles could be analysed from the other direction: by asking whether it might be a rational response to prevailing conditions. In other words, while it might look like Gen Y think they’re too special to engage with the economy in traditional ways, they might just be walking away from a system that’s clearly rigged against them. This is kindergarten-level game theory. If a generation of workers appear to be lazy and unambitious, the simplest explanation is not that they think they’re special, it’s that their workplaces and the economy make anything else futile. Even more sophisticated is the idea that it’s not about walking away from a rigged game, but playing a different game that the writer doesn’t quite know how to analyse — except through generalisations and stereotypes.”

: : Gracia’s beautiful review of The Australian Ballet’s Cinderella.

: : My friend Duc’s book is now out in paperback – well done Duc!