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: : Personhood, Foetal Rights, and Fred Nile’s Sideswipe at Abortion:

“It is difficult to want to deny any extra reparation to women so harmed. But it is easy to see the myriad of ways in which this proposed law could be used to harm women. And for me, reading Nile’s speech about the bill, the notion that it’s about reparation at all does not ring true. It’s soured by the fact that, in this law, recognition of harm is given on the condition that a woman agrees to give up a right over her body – the right to reparation is given to the child as a person over and above the mother, and her body, like her grief, is appropriated for purposes other than her own.”

My friend Laurie wrote this article, please go read it in full as its topic is a significant one when it comes to protecting women’s basic rights over their own bodies. In Laurie’s own words to me: “The bill may go to vote in NSW this Thursday, which is a bit scary.” Scary indeed. In the last sentence of the linked article, Laurie urges us to “Contact your local member and let them know that you’re concerned about this Bill getting though.” I strongly urge you to do the same.

: : How preferential voting works, explained in comic form. Essential reading for us here in Australia who will be voting soon.

: : Related to the above issue of preferential voting, here are a few Wikileaks Party tweets you should be aware of (retweeted on my own twitter feed):


And, this sums it up.

: : The Going Gets Weird: Australian Senate Candidate Julian Assange Heaps Praise On US Libertarians Ron and Rand Paul.

: : Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism:

“Sexism should be uncomfortable. It is painful and enraging to be on the receiving end of misogynist attacks and it is also painful to watch them happen and to know that you’re implicated, even though you never chose to be. You’re supposed to react when you’re told that a group you are a member of is actively screwing over other human beings, in the same way that you’re supposed to react when a doctor hammers your knee to test your nerves. If it doesn’t move, something is horribly wrong.”

: : A Chat with Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen:

FD: “Also, it is widely assumed that people starting out in media know how to pitch, who to contact, how to ‘sell’ the product. That is not the case and I know for a fact that there are huge cultural differences and we do not all share this supposed ‘common knowledge.’ So, if you were brought up in a culture other than white American or if you are working class or poor and you didn’t learn all this stuff, you can more or less forget inserting yourself into these white affluent dominated spaces.”

Flavia Dzodan talking some truth here. One of the problems the whole Schwyzer issue highlighted is how institutionalised it is to marginalise certain voices from feminist discourse and publications. The ‘big’ feminist websites (not just in America, but here in Australia too), are often run like many other media outlets: they function through an incestuous circle of hiring the same people to write, because the well-known names tend to bring the page views and clicks. It is a position of privilege, and while some may find it futile to criticise them for doing exactly what other media outlets do, I do think we should expect more from editors running feminist sites since what we are supposed to be fighting for is greater equality on all fronts, not more page views and celebrity. Editors should be actively seeking more diverse voices, not falling back on the bait of feminist celebrities. Because celebrities are simply part of “corporate feminism”, in Flavia’s own words, and that shits all over the feminist movement.

: : And lastly, some good news: there’s a new Kosher/Jewish cafe in Perth (about time). All I can say is: bring on the bagels baby!

EDIT: One more link: someone please adopt this lovely kitty before I do.