Happy Weekend

Friday, 12 July 2013

wedding in Jaffa

My aunt sent me her photos from the family wedding in Israel, and we’re all also (excitedly) waiting for the professional photos to arrive. I’m not going to post photos of my family or the bride on this blog. However I did cave in and shared a photo of myself at the wedding on twitter, I might as well share it here too. So here I am. It is kind of excruciating sharing photos of yourself online, but one thing I love about this photo is how happy I look – and I was happy that night. It was a relaxed and intimate wedding, and I often looked around at my family realising that this is probably the last time all of these people will be in the same room together.

If you’d like to read something lovely this weekend, stop by Gracia’s blog and enjoy her pet-themed post. Happy weekend everyone.


Rambling Tart said...

You DO look happy!! Radiant, in fact, and beautiful. :-) I'm so delighted to see YOU after only reading your words all this time. :-) I'm not comfy with posting pics of myself either, and I think my issue is based in fear and self-consciousness and lies from others that I'm not pretty/slim/fashionable enough, so I've been trying to be braver this year. :-) And in the last few months I've been taking a pic of myself every single day - sometimes just for me, sometimes to share with others. It's done me worlds of good. :-) I'm glad you were brave too.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

OMG you look GORGEOUS! Love the outfit!!!

Hila said...

Krista: Thank you :) While I will never be beautiful, it's kind of you to say.

Andi: Thanks! I love the dress too.

hungryandfrozen said...

Hila, that dress is glorious! And you look wonderful. Very relaxed and happy. My smile always looks so strained in photos (often because it is as soon as a camera is trained upon me) I'm trying to loosen up a little more in front of the camera. I'm glad the wedding was such a happy time, and that you were able to be with so many family members under such positive circumstances.

rooth said...

Hila you look so lovely and yes, very happy. Thank you for sharing your picture with us

Hila said...

Laura: Thanks! I usually have forced smiles too in photos - maybe I was just too happy that night to care about the cameras. This doesn't happen often.

Rooth: Thanks :)