Birthday & Closing Down Sale

shop sale

It’s my birthday next month, and from now until my birthday date (7 August), I’m having a birthday and closing down sale in my shop. There are only three items in the shop now: It’s the Dusty Hour and The Glimmer of Armour zines I did with Gracia & Louise (also available as a bundle), and the This Year print I did with Lynn Russell from Satsuma Press. Anything I don’t sell will be distributed to friends.

Half of the sales for the This Year print will go to Lynn. The rest of the money I make from the print and the zines will all be donated to these three organisations:

Yad Vashem
The Donkey Sanctuary
SAFE Perth

I will consider anyone who buys prints and zines in support of these organisations to be buying me the best kind of birthday present I can think of.


I turn thirty next month. This is a somewhat ‘scary’ age for some. When I consider what my plans were for my life by the time I turn thirty, I can’t say that this is where I envisaged myself. I am still searching, still restless, still feeling like I haven’t reached that coveted ‘stability’ in both my career and personal life that is often stated as a requirement to be an ‘adult’. I don’t know anymore. I should be freaking out, but I’m not. I really don’t care about turning thirty; but I do care about shaping my life into something that feels inwardly authentic rather than outwardly appropriate. And that’s basically what I think many of us are trying to do. We’re not always successful, but it’s the trying that counts, right?

I have very little interest in presents for this birthday, but I am going to treat myself to something special: yet another edition of Wuthering Heights to add to my collection. So, I would love people to let me know what is the most beautiful or interesting copy of Wuthering Heights they have ever encountered. My thanks in advance. Gracia, Louise and I are also working now on a collaborative Wuthering Heights/Catherine-themed zine, which you will be able to buy sometime soon in their shop.