Birthday & Closing Down Sale

Monday, 15 July 2013

shop sale

It’s my birthday next month, and from now until my birthday date (7 August), I’m having a birthday and closing down sale in my shop. There are only three items in the shop now: It’s the Dusty Hour and The Glimmer of Armour zines I did with Gracia & Louise (also available as a bundle), and the This Year print I did with Lynn Russell from Satsuma Press. Anything I don’t sell will be distributed to friends.

Half of the sales for the This Year print will go to Lynn. The rest of the money I make from the print and the zines will all be donated to these three organisations:

Yad Vashem
The Donkey Sanctuary
SAFE Perth

I will consider anyone who buys prints and zines in support of these organisations to be buying me the best kind of birthday present I can think of.


I turn thirty next month. This is a somewhat ‘scary’ age for some. When I consider what my plans were for my life by the time I turn thirty, I can’t say that this is where I envisaged myself. I am still searching, still restless, still feeling like I haven’t reached that coveted ‘stability’ in both my career and personal life that is often stated as a requirement to be an ‘adult’. I don’t know anymore. I should be freaking out, but I’m not. I really don’t care about turning thirty; but I do care about shaping my life into something that feels inwardly authentic rather than outwardly appropriate. And that’s basically what I think many of us are trying to do. We’re not always successful, but it’s the trying that counts, right?

I have very little interest in presents for this birthday, but I am going to treat myself to something special: yet another edition of Wuthering Heights to add to my collection. So, I would love people to let me know what is the most beautiful or interesting copy of Wuthering Heights they have ever encountered. My thanks in advance. Gracia, Louise and I are also working now on a collaborative Wuthering Heights/Catherine-themed zine, which you will be able to buy sometime soon in their shop.


hungryandfrozen said...

Birthdays - exciting yet fraught! I find since I have friends both older and younger than myself, I am constantly considering my age - what have I achieved, how have I changed, is this a more mature response than I would've had two years ago, etc...I don't know, I can't seem to stop! I like what you say though - inwardly authentic rather than outwardly appropriate. I'm going to keep that in mind.

Lovely, lovely bunnies, by the way! I haven't had any particular encounters with a beautiful Wuthering Heights - the one I had at home with my parents was a very standard issue, mid 20th century edition of it. Enjoy the new addition to your collection!

querido diário said...

I mightfindsome fine exemplar of Wuthering Heights but in portuguese,would you be interested?

Thirty was the year i start caring less,dramatizing less and the first time in my life i put myself first of everything.
It was a beautiful year and i think what matters most is to 'fit in' in your own authenticity and not in the expectations of others*

Danielle P. said...

What an excellent idea for a birthday present, Hila! I'll have to place an order.

Oh, believe me, you've achieved far more than you realise! I'm, ahem, "a bit" older than you (though it certainly doesn't show) and yet don't fit into our society's concept of "adulthood". The older I get, the less I care about all that nonsense. Thinking for oneself, living according to one's values, and doing the best one can — these are the things that genuinely matter.

A life that's "inwardly authentic rather than outwardly appropriate"... This is my birthday wish to you, Hila.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I turn 31 next week eeeek! You will love 30, such a great age!!!

ronnie said...

ooo bunnies! so cute here (so destructive in our paddocks)....

now as for birthdays - ahhhhhh me...... I'm closer to 50 than any other age and up until last year I was feeling ok about things..... but now my eyebrows are trying to join up to my cheeks and I'm less enamored with the aging process! (thirty was cool... forty was even better -- I had a ball with number 40!.... not sure how I'm gong to go with the big half century.... I'll let you know in a couple of years... if I survive!)

Jane Flanagan said...

I loved casting off my twenties and starting my thirties. I expect it will be a wonderful time for you too!

Plus, to hell with all these conventional measurements of "success" or "arrival" or whatever. There's no rulebook.

Megan said...

Hila, I turn 30 on August 7, too, and I can relate to many of the sentiments you share here. And yes, I really do believe it's the trying that counts.

rooth said...

I am also turning 30 this year and feel much the same way about it as you do. I would have never thought that I would be where I am now, doing what I'm doing, etc etc etc. Would child-me be disappointed though? That's the question of the year

Rambling Tart said...

I don't usually feel old but I did today when I realized you are 9 years younger than me!!! :-) I love that you're turning 30. I have loved my 30's so much - the best years of my life thus far - and I hope they will be the same for you. :-)

Monika said...


I have the Penguin Coralie Bickford-Smith edition of Wuthering pretty.

I went to to see some other editions and found this one: Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition--it made me laugh (though it is probably not what you were thinking).

Hila said...

Laura: I'm quite hard on myself, and on others too. While it drives my ambition and desire to do more, it's not always healthy. I had so many ideas and plans of where I'd be at this age, and none of them have panned out the way I thought they would. So, I'm trying to tell myself that's ok too - and not to be so hard on myself, as usual.

querido diário: I'd be interested to see any copy, thanks! I really hope 30 brings all that for me too.

Danielle: Thanks so much for your order! I really appreciate all you do to support me, Danielle.

Andi: Happy birthday!

Ronnie: I'm sure you will survive :)

Jane: I hope that's true Jane! I hope my thirties will be kinder times.

Megan: Oh snap! That's awesome :) Well, we have no excuse for forgetting each other's birthdays.

Rooth: Childhood me had so many big plans. Childhood me would probably be disappointed in adult me. Not sure that's a bad thing though.

Krista: Ha, you're not old :) And thank you.

Monika: I heard that's a pretty edition. And yep, I heard of that wild and wanton edition too ... ahem :)

Monika said...

Hi Hila,

Did you ever find a copy of Wuthering Heights for your birthday? The reason I ask is that yesterday I was in a thrift shop and found a really cool old copy of it for a few dollars. If you'd like it, I would love to send it to you. Is that weird? :)

It was published in 1943 by Random House and is illustrated with wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg. It is a bit beat up, but it is rather lovely.

Let me know... :)
My email address: monikasalden at gmail dot com.