A Few Lovely Things

Wuthering Heights_1939

I spotted and received a few lovely things this week, which provided some delight and distraction in another stressful week. While searching for a special edition of Wuthering Heights, I came across this image of Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier during the filming of the 1939 film version of the novel. Although not my favourite adaptation of Wuthering Heights, there is no doubt it’s an iconic film. I also discovered this Wuthering Heights candle, which has my favourite line from the book on it: “I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free.” Heather smells sublime too – when I was in Haworth Village, I took home some dried heather and it made everything in my suitcase smell like the wind and the soil. I am resisting spending money I don’t have on a candle though. The company which makes these candles also has a Jane Eyre one and I love its description (I also adore Jasmine):

“Scented with sweetbriar and jasmine, this handmade candle reflects the beautiful evening fragrance in the garden at Thornfield where Jane Eyre once sought repose before wafts of cigar smoke alerted her to the presence of her master. It is suitable for the making of the type of forthright and impassioned speech that results in a declaration of love. Use with care.”

Speaking of fictional characters and scents, has anyone tried James Heeley’s Ophelia perfume? Although well beyond my budget, I am curious about its scent. I’m also coveting this scent intensely, confirming my crazy cat lady status.

I’ve already received early birthday presents in the mail, which arrived from the other side of the world from loved ones. I guess they figured Perth mail would be slow, and it usually is. But for once it surprised me and things arrived early. I received this beautiful Toast Ellen Dress, which feels like feathers draped against your skin. And this beautiful perfume. I still feel guilty spending money on myself when it comes to luxuries. I feel guiltier when others spend money on me. I know it’s ridiculous, so I just have to learn to say thank you and stop with the guilt. Thank you!

Moira Shearer_la sylphide

Another lovely thing you might like to read and gaze upon is my latest post for The Australian Ballet on La Sylphide – one of my favourite ballets. I was commissioned to both write about it and research ‘styles’ that visually go with the ballet. It was one of the most fun articles to write and compile, and it left me wanting more.

Don’t forget about my shop sale everyone! Many thanks to those who have already bought some zines and prints, they will be with you soon.

Image credits (top to bottom): Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier filming Wuthering Heights, 1939; Moira Shearer as the sylph in La Sylphide, photo by Duncan Melvin.