News from Nowhere 3

Artwork by Ekaterina Panikanova

: : I still remain unconvinced by the personal merits of facebook ever since I returned to it, but it has led me to a few great articles and finds through journals and magazines I like. One such find is artist Ekaterina Panikanova, who paints on old books. That’s her work in the image above, and have a look at more here.

: : I’m linking my Israel posts again, since I put a lot of work (and love) into compiling them: Israel, part one and Israel, part two (part three is coming).

: : I’m also linking my post on my essay in the current issue of Meanjin again, because I didn’t mention why this essay is important to me. I think every writer has some sort of publication they dream of being published in, and Meanjin is mine. There are publications I pursue for the sake of career survival – in academia, your CV is often judged on what you publish, and the quality of the publications/publishers you are published with. Meanjin covers that aspect, it’s well-respected. But I didn’t care about that when I submitted my work to them. My essay wasn’t an intellectual exercise, but an emotional one. To have it accepted was a small personal validation. I think writers have to hang on to those moments during shitty times when all you face is rejection from all fronts (like I’m experiencing now).

: : Women should beware Abbott’s blue-tie brigade

: : Quit Fucking Asking Me Questions: A Refresher Course

: : I love this image by Juliet Burnett (a Senior Artist with the Australian Ballet)

: : SHOAH: The New Permanent Exhibition at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Block 27 at Yad Vashem

: : It was recently Anne Frank’s birthday (12 June, 1929). May we never forget you Anne, for both yourself, and the lost humanity you represent.

: : Academics’ bin diving ‘caused by zero-hours contracts’. I wish I could say articles like this shocked me.

: : This is an amazing speech by Australian feminist Anne Summers about the abhorrently sexist treatment of our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. It is a must read.

: : “Any doubt that Julia Gillard is a victim of misogyny is neatly dispelled by one A4 piece of paper”. Yep.

: : Gender balancing the books

: : Male reviewers and authors vastly outnumber female in UK publications