Happy Passover

My mum, with my dad at Mount Everest

My grandparents, the original hipsters

My dad (aka Allen Ginsberg)

My father, reading

My grandfather, aunt and dad

My dad and aunt

My great-grandfather

My grandmother's family

My dad

My grandmother


My grandparents, on their wedding day

Me, on my birthday

Last night was Pesach eve (Passover), so I feel this nostalgic ode to my family is appropriate today. Although really, any excuse will do, I love digging through old photos (in case you do too, there are some more here and here).

The photos, from top to bottom: 1) My mum, taken by my dad at Mount Everest (although you can’t really see her, and she’s bundled in ten billion layers of clothes). Yes, they actually attempted to climb it, they were insane – and insanely fit; 2) My grandparents, the original hipsters; 3) My dad, in Israel; 4) My dad, reading. So sweet; 5) My grandfather, aunt and dad; 6) My dad and his sister; 7) My great-grandfather (my dad’s grandfather); 8) My grandmother’s parents and siblings. They were all killed in the Holocaust; 9) My dad again. He rocked the beard from a young age; 10) My grandmother’s photo in her Polish passport; 11) My grandparents’ passports. Every time I look at them, I feel a tug at my heart; 12) My grandparents on their wedding day; 13) Me, on my birthday, wearing a dress my grandmother made for me.

Happy Passover! I can’t believe I’ll see my family in Israel in only one month, I miss them so much.