Happy Passover

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My mum, with my dad at Mount Everest

My grandparents, the original hipsters

My dad (aka Allen Ginsberg)

My father, reading

My grandfather, aunt and dad

My dad and aunt

My great-grandfather

My grandmother's family

My dad

My grandmother


My grandparents, on their wedding day

Me, on my birthday

Last night was Pesach eve (Passover), so I feel this nostalgic ode to my family is appropriate today. Although really, any excuse will do, I love digging through old photos (in case you do too, there are some more here and here).

The photos, from top to bottom: 1) My mum, taken by my dad at Mount Everest (although you can’t really see her, and she’s bundled in ten billion layers of clothes). Yes, they actually attempted to climb it, they were insane – and insanely fit; 2) My grandparents, the original hipsters; 3) My dad, in Israel; 4) My dad, reading. So sweet; 5) My grandfather, aunt and dad; 6) My dad and his sister; 7) My great-grandfather (my dad’s grandfather); 8) My grandmother’s parents and siblings. They were all killed in the Holocaust; 9) My dad again. He rocked the beard from a young age; 10) My grandmother’s photo in her Polish passport; 11) My grandparents’ passports. Every time I look at them, I feel a tug at my heart; 12) My grandparents on their wedding day; 13) Me, on my birthday, wearing a dress my grandmother made for me.

Happy Passover! I can’t believe I’ll see my family in Israel in only one month, I miss them so much.


erinstark.net said...

Beautiful photos. I really do need to go over to my Nan's place and get scans of all our old family photos.

hungryandfrozen said...

Hila, these photos are incredible. So beautiful. Something about the relative rarity of older photos makes them seem so powerful to me, although that might just be me reaching/projecting. Either way, these are amazing photos. Thank you for sharing a little of your family's history.

And Happy Passover!

Jane Flanagan said...

So lovely that you have all these photos... I have so few of my family, especially grandparents.

Happy Passover, Hila!

Michal said...

Thank you so much for sharing these. Really beautiful.

Bethany said...

My grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago and while it was sad, it was also a wonderful time with family looking through photos of her life, especially when she was a child and young woman. There's just something about seeing our loved ones sort of frozen at a moment in time before we knew them (or in some cases, just at a point when they were alive and well) that is breathtaking.

Thanks for sharing these with us, Hila.

Have you shared more about your family that died in the holocaust here on the blog? I understand if you haven't and am not asking you to write more about that, but I would love to read those posts if you have them. My husband's paternal grandparents grew up in Germany during WWII and it's a topic that's always been close to my heart.

Anyway, Happy Passover, friend.

Denise said...

These photos are truly beautiful, thanks for sharing. Thanks for your reply to my comment yesterday and I want to update it. I just received an email that the panel discussion - Breaking the male code:After Steubenville, A Call to Action - will be streamed live today, 3/26 at 7:30 Eastern time. I'm sure it will left on the website which is www.vday.org/livestream.

Rambling Tart said...

Love these pictures so much, Hila. :-) I'm so glad you shared them. Your Dad's rockin' beard pic is fantastic. :-)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

My god these photos are amaaaaazing! What treasures!!! Happy Passover!

Teresa said...

Happy passover to you Hila!

I love looking through old family photos too and yours are wonderful, thanks for sharing them. You are adorable in your dress and I love those white hats!

Gracia said...

Such a beautiful thread of images, Hila. I always enjoy seeing your family photos, and I hope, I know, you'll have a wonderful time seeing your family in Israel very, very soon. I look forward to reading your posts that follow.

G xo


Dear me. My spontaneous comment previous was gobbled up. I will try to recall what I typed...

Something along the lines of...

What a beautiful thread of images, Hila. I always enjoy seeing your family photos. I hope, nay, I know you will have a wonderful time seeing your family again in Israel very, very soon. I look forward to your posts that follow.

Something like that. Only fresher.

G xo

Hila said...

Erin: you really do, I'd like to see them.

Laura: Thanks!

Jane: There aren't that many of my grandparents either.

Michal: My pleasure!

Bethany: Thank you Bethany. No, I've never really talked about my own family's history and the holocaust. It's almost taboo in a sense. But one day, I will.

Denise: Thank you so much for this.

Krista: It still is fantastic! I've actually never seen him without a beard, only in photos when he was younger.

Andi: Thanks!

Teresa: I was a very well-dressed child :)

Gracia: Hmm, not gobbled up it seems! Better to have two from you though ;)