The Glimmer of Armour

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Glimmer of Armour

The Glimmer of Armour

The Glimmer of Armour

The Glimmer of Armour

A small update about my shop and my new zine with Gracia & Louise: The Glimmer of Armour which I introduced here is now available to purchase in my shop individually or as a duo bundle along with It’s the Dusty Hour Zine. Gracia & Louise are also selling both in a trio bundle here. As always Gracia and Louise, it’s been such a pleasure working with you, and expect a special thank you present in the mail from me soon. I think we may work together on some more zines next year.

I’ve still got copies left of my This Year Print, and the words contained within that poem are probably advice I should offer myself again! I’ve placed my own framed copy next to a copy of my mum’s Shalom, Jerusalem Skyline Print. ‘Shalom’ is Hebrew for ‘Peace’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. After the year we’ve all had, I think a wish for peace isn’t too corny.

Other than that, I’m opening up my shop to specific customised orders and prints, so if you’ve seen something I’ve written here that you’d like as a print, feel free to email me. All funds are going towards my ‘travel’ savings to visit my family in Israel next year for a wedding and a reunion. It’ll be the first time in years that all of us will be in the same country at the same time, and I have butterflies of both homesickness and excitement thinking about it.

Zine Bundle

Zine Bundle

The Glimmer of Armour

The Glimmer of Armour

Zine Bundle

Speaking of family, it was my brother’s birthday yesterday – happy birthday big brother! And now I’m going to embarrass us both with this photo:

My brother and I

Ah, the good old days when I used to loyally copy his footwear. Do people remember when white, high-top sneakers were cool?

Images of the zines are by Gracia, Louise, and I.


Megan said...

What a great photo of you and your brother! (And so funny--my own brother and I have a similar photograph of the two us at a lake in Orlando feeding swans and standing near swan-shaped paddleboats!) How exciting that you'll get to see your family next year!

The zines look amazing--sounds like such a gratifying project to work on. And your "This Year" print is wonderful. Such wise words; good to remember as we start to close the door on one year and open another door to a new one...

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

oh wow, zines look amazing!! and happy birthday hila's brother, that photo is just awesome :)

rooth said...

I really like the name of the magazine - Glimmer of Armour. And ps - love your frilly socks in the last picture. I think all little girls had socks that like in those days :)

Sally said...

The zines look so beautiful.

Adorable photo! Such a little fashionista :)

Teresa said...

Your zines looks amazing!

Oh, and I so remember when high-tops were cool. I have an older brother and was a bit of tomboy growing up. ;)

Hila said...

Megan: It's a classic childhood photo, I bet many people have similar ones with their siblings :) And thanks, I do like the way the zine has turned out, I hope it sells! And I hope I follow my own advice too ....

Laura: Thank you!

Rooth: I had so many pairs of those socks! My mum loved them, and she dressed me. Ever since she stopped dressing me, my style has deteriorated, ha.

Sally: The credit all goes to my mum, she picked out all my clothes :)

Teresa: I also got my brother's hand me downs. I wanted to be so much like him.