A Footnote

gracia + louise

This is a small footnote to my previous post. Jane’s post reminded me I’ve been meaning to sponsor a donkey from The Donkey Sanctuary. I usually donate to a few institutions I support throughout the year (and also make an appointment to donate blood on my birthday), and I’ve added The Donkey Sanctuary to this list. I sponsored Apollo today, a handsome chap whose story melted my heart:


My Kobi was also mistreated before he was rescued as a kitten by the fine people at SAFE Perth. They too welcome donations, and also have many animals ready to be adopted.

I also support Anti-Slavery Australia and Yad Vashem (amongst others).

Once again, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas. Hanukkah has been lovely, and I’ve been invited by friends to a Christmas lunch next week. Although it’ll be 40°C in Perth on Christmas day, so please think of me sweating while I eat if you happen to be lucky enough to be snuggling with hot drinks in cool weather. Lucky bastards.

Also, a very big thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, and left comments, and generally stuck around with me this year. The next post will be in 2013!

Image credits: The first image is by Gracia & Louise, who have kindly created a gift in the form of a free print to be downloaded here. The second image is from The Donkey Sanctuary.