The New Faces

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Evening Sky

Sometimes I think Jane and I blog in (unintended) synchronisation. She posted this poem (go read it, it’s wonderful), and I planned to post a poem today that came into my head yesterday as I was washing the dishes in the evening. When summer arrives here in Perth, the evenings can be quite beautiful in terms of colour and light. It can feel as if someone has taken watercolours and started painting the sky with meticulous colour. In those moments when I’m washing the dishes and staring out the window at the same time, I start to turn words over in my head. Yesterday evening, this poem seemed appropriate for some reason:

The New Faces

If you, that have grown old, were the first dead,
Neither catalpa tree nor scented lime
Should hear my living feet, nor would I tread
Where we wrought that shall break the teeth of Time.
Let the new faces play what tricks they will
In the old rooms; night can outbalance day,
Our shadows rove the garden gravel still,
The living seem more shadowy than they.

–William Butler Yeats


Jane Flanagan said...

So lovely and, yes, I sometimes feel that we're in uncanny sync too!

I recite Yeats often when I'm doing chores, out loud, because it's how I learned him and I feel like I've been saying his poems all my life. My neighbours must think I'm casting mad Celtic spells!

These pictures are beautiful too.

Petra said...


rooth said...

How lovely - both the picture and the poem. It's a little bit suited toward the beginning of winter that we're experiencing here as well

Sally said...

Ooh, if I had a pretty window to look out of while I did dishes, I think I'd enjoy the chore much more! :)

This is the kind of poem I'll want to come back and read again and again. Thanks.

Gabriela said...

Yeats is great. He just says it so well, it's uncanny.

Hila said...

Jane: haha, Jane the Irish witch :) I learned Shakespeare in school by reciting (over and over). So you can quote Yeats and I can quote Macbeth - we'd make a fine witchy pair.

Petra: Thank you!

Rooth: yes, the beginning of seasons can overlap.

Sally: It's a nice distraction :)

Gabriela: I love the simplicity of this poem.