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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wide blue skies in Perth

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has commented on my Pinkwashing post, and more importantly, on Jane’s and Acacia’s posts. Although the response from Etsy is disappointing and canned, I’m heartened that this important issue has received the attention and consideration it deserves elsewhere:

* Mashable
* The Mary Sue
* Digital Trends
* Racked
* Dukky
* The Daily Dot
* CNET Australia
* Get off my internets
* This Etsy thread (although be warned, while many comments here are wonderfully supportive, there are also a few highly offensive ones that will make your blood boil – sadly, some people really don’t get it.)
* Another Etsy thread, which was sadly closed – way to shut down constructive criticism Etsy. Thanks Bethany.
* Bethany’s powerful post

Consumerism is not ‘awareness’ about cancer; it’s consumerism. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

I wanted to write about Andrea Arnold’s version of Wuthering Heights (2011) today to get some opinions about the film from others, as I saw it last week and found it really interesting. However, my heart’s not in it right now, so I’ll leave it till later. In the meantime, I should point out I wrote an updated Perth City Guide for Design*Sponge, which you can read here. I worked very hard on this, because I wanted to show what Perth has to offer – after you’ve heard me complain endlessly about the heat, ha! I think compared to the rest of the world, we have it pretty good in Perth, and writing this guide reminded me of that. So I hope you enjoy my guide and that it proves to be useful for people intending to visit.


Niina said...

I am going to see Wuthering Heights in two weeks because there´s a special screening in my town. I have heard it´s a great great movie but we´ll see.
I have to go back through your posts about pinkwashing, because you got me interested. I have always found those products very unappealing, in so many aspects.

Danielle P. said...

Thanks for this roundup of online links about this Etsy outrage!

And thanks for working so hard on the Perth guide. I've bookmarked it, just in case I'm ever fortunate enough to find myself there (anything can happen, right?).

rooth said...

Again, I'm really glad you shared this because I do think pinkwashing is getting out of control. Thanks for always bringing up smart issues that make us think

Gabriela said...

I can't wait for you to write about this adaptation of Wuthering Heights! I thought it was very interesting, too.

Hila said...

Niina: I think that technically speaking (i.e. in terms of its techniques and style of filmmaking), it's a very good film. But I had issues with the way it interpreted the story. I'd like to know what you think though once you've seen it. And yes, I'm learning just how seedy 'pinkwashing' is.

Danielle: Anything can happen! It would be grand if you came to Perth, I could show you around.

Rooth: I'd imagine you know a lot about this issue, considering your work. It's becoming very sad, this idea of cancer as an 'industry'.

Gabriela: Well, I've written about it today!

Jane Flanagan said...

Thank you so much Hila. I know it was a hard week for the three of us, reading some of the responses, gauging what to react to. But I'm glad to be on the same side as you, even if it is a little lonely over here sometimes.

Hila said...

Jane: I'm glad I'm on your side Jane! It is becoming increasingly lonely, I'm starting to realise how much of this 'online community' is really a facade. But I've always been a loner, ha!