Winter Sun Prints

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

Winter Sun Prints

A little while ago, someone emailed me asking if I would consider turning the poem I wrote here into a print. My first instinct was to say no. It’s not really my area of expertise. But since I’m helping my mum open an online print and art shop (which I will show you all in a few weeks), I’ve had to spend some time testing out professional local printers.

I figured if I’ve done all the homework, I might as well try printing my own poem too, rather than saying no. So that’s what I did. I tried a few printers, and settled on a local Australian business which specialises in fine art printing on both canvas and museum quality paper. The paper I’ve chosen is called ‘Rag Photographique’, which is a 100% cotton museum grade Fine Art and photo paper. It’s thick and beautiful, and I love the way it turned out. I’m selling the poem individually, and in a set with a companion visual image which I think ‘speaks’ with the words (however, this imagery is basically a one-off experiment – I’m not a photographer, the words are the focus here):

: : Winter Sun Print

: : Winter Sun Print Set

The title of both is borrowed from another post of mine. And since I’m feeling rather open about this whole venture, if there are any other poems of mine you’d like turned into prints, feel free to email me. I might as well make good use of my little shop, while it’s open. Gracia, Louise and I are also working on a companion piece to our Dusty Hour zine, which I found out yesterday is also being sold at The Museum of Contemporary Art’s store, as well as being in the State Library of Victoria’s artists’ book collection. This feels like a sense of permanence to what is essentially a fleeting shop and publication.


Amelia said...

Oh! This so lovely!

As always excellently written. I actually really enjoy your poetry. I miss those Poetry Wednesday posts-as few as they were.

Jane Flanagan said...

Beautiful! I love the pairing with the print too.

rooth said...

That's wonderful Hila and I like seeing all these creative projects that you come up with!

Camila Faria said...

I think this was an excellent idea. The poem is pure joy and I love the delicate frame. Amazing Hila!

Teresa said...

Beautiful words Hila. It makes a wonderful print.

twinkilingeyes said...

i actually printed it yesterday nothing fancy (i hope you don't mind) and taped it on my desk (hope you don't mind)...that's how much i like it!
i love the idea of printing the poems..i think they make a nice gift...
wish you the best and many more printings :)

Stephanie said...

This poem is BEAUTIFUL! And it looks amazing printed out and framed!

Sasha said...

Lovely! Definitely looks wonderful framed and with the photo print!

Monika said...

When I first read the Winter Sun post, we were in the height of summer, and so it didn't strike me. My world was too different from yours at the point--and the harshness and length of our winters necessitate a denial of the even the suggested coming of winter...

But now that the days are growing shorter and the evenings are cool, now that the grasses and trees are lit on fire by the sun, I read that post (and this one) with an understanding heart. I could acknowledge--even welcome--what is to come. Last week I came home from work and realized for the first time that the light had changed--this post was appropriate for how I felt that day.

this is the picture I took:

Hila said...

Amelia: I gave up on giving myself a scheduled day to write/post poetry - my brain doesn't work that way, although I wish it did. But I still want to share my poetry, however amateurish I think it is. So I'll try to post more of it.

Jane: thank you Jane!

rooth: most of my projects are a flop, but I hope this one succeeds :)

Camila: I love the frame too, it's very pretty.

Teresa: thanks!

twinkilingeyes: I don't mind that you printed it out, I'm glad you like it.

Stephanie: I like the way the printing turned out too - such luxurious paper.

Sasha: thank you!

Monika: that photo is really appropriate for the poem.