Southern Wilderness by Gary Fernández


I was invited to an exhibition opening in Perth tomorrow night, and since I can’t attend (sadly), I wanted to spread the word about it on my blog. Please note that this is not a sponsored post, or anything remotely like that. I don’t do sponsored posts (check out my FAQ section here). I’m saying this in the interests of full transparency and disclosure.

The exhibition I was invited to is on the art of Gary Fernández, a Spanish illustrator and artist whose work is being showcased in Perth. 140 in Perth is hosting this exhibition, Southern Wilderness, in September. The opening night is tomorrow, on Thursday 6 September. The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September. Since I often hear people complaining that Perth’s cultural side is lacking (and I think this is proving to be an increasingly untrue statement lately, especially in the art scene), I really urge everyone to go support this exhibition and the venture of overseas artists visiting us here.


Gary describes his exhibition in an interesting manner to me:

Southern Wilderness is an imaginary journey through a magical, whimsical and surreal American South. It’s the place where the unreal crosses the thin line and merges with the real; where Brown Thrashers, squirrels and rabbits dwell with fantastic fauna, five-legged beasts and witches in foggy forests filled with old trees that whisper and stir in the night. It is there that the son of the rabbit and squirrel becomes a Contortionist, and where bees tear the wings from butterflies, trying to steal their beauty and where birds fight to the death.

Maybe I’m just projecting my own personal interpretation of his artwork here, but I couldn’t help but think of artists like Alphonse Mucha, Tamara de Lempicka and Aubrey Beardsley when looking at his art. There’s an Art Nouveau sentiment, or style, to his work, that I think blends beautifully with the whimsical and surreal themes.

If you’re in Perth, and would like to go, here are the details:


6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2012 (Curated by Leon Krasenstein)
At 140 (140 William Street, Perth)
Perth, Australia
Opening hours: 11am - 4pm




Before I finish off, I wanted to draw your attention to a few other things:

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: : And I honestly try not to link too many of my Behind Ballet posts here, but I had so much fun writing this one, I can’t help myself.

All images are by Gary Fernández and are used here with permission.