Some News & Congratulations

I completely forgot to mention a few things in my post yesterday. I’ve been so busy lately, and saying yes to all the freelance work I’ve been offered in an effort to save up money. Although this is the kind of work I love, so I shouldn’t complain – if only I could do it full-time. I think my favourite commissioned piece so far has been writing a poem for someone’s wedding invitation.

Speaking of weddings, a HUGE congratulations to Anabela and Geoff!! I come bearing gifts of Fleetwood Mac, wedding kitties and a poem. I hope it was the best of days, and that you enjoyed every moment. All my love, from faraway Australia.

Meanjin published a revised version of my co-written post with Jane on their blog, have a read here. Jane and I are so heartened to see this post re-published by such a respected journal, so thanks Meanjin!

Also, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a few weeks now: in the new issue of Underscore Magazine, you’ll find an article by me called ‘Arriving Within’. Here’s a peek:

My article in Issue 4 of Underscore Magazine

My article in Issue 4 of Underscore Magazine

And some more images from the magazine:













You can pick up a copy of the latest issue of Underscore Magazine here.

Lastly, an article I’ve written is being published in this collection of essays on the historical film, by Wiley-Blackwell publishers, edited by Robert Rosenstone and Constantin Parvulescu. This is quite a lengthy article (over 9000 words), and the other articles in the collection are likewise detailed. My essay is on literary biopics (biographical films on authors’ lives), and how they contribute to and extend the screen genre of historical film, and our understanding of history. I discuss a few films, but the two that are analysed closely are Jane Campion’s Bright Star and John Maybury’s The Edge of Love. I’ll provide more details about the book once it’s published.

Now, if I’ve forgotten anything again, I’ll blame it on my counter-productive ‘to-do’ list, which right now consists of a single line: ‘write a to-do list’.