It’s the Dusty Hour

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

It's the Dusty Hour

I can’t say I’m particularly ready to ‘move on’ from my previous post with Jane. It was, as Jane said, rather difficult for us both to write, and while we may be a bit pessimistic about whether things will really change, we do want to thank everyone who took the time to comment and email us. I’m forcing myself to snap out of this sense of disillusionment and pessimism (which, I suppose, is a part of life too,) by focusing on something I’ve helped create. Gracia & Louise, two artists I admire, have kindly collaborated with me on a zine, devoted to the theme of the night. I call that period when the sun begins to set in the evening, ‘the dusty hour’, and so that’s the name we’ve chosen for our zine.

The zine comprises of 12 full-colour pages filled with six collages by Gracia & Louise called ‘The Glorious Night Descends’, and a poem written by me called ‘Evening Postcard’. It measures 19cm X 14cm and is hand stitched with golden thread. It costs $9.00, and can be purchased here.

To view more images and details about the zine, visit:

: : Gracia & Louise’s website
: : Gracia & Louise’s shop
: : Gracia’s blog
: : Louise’s blog

I’ve set up a temporary online shop to sell my own copies of the zine. I’m also selling copies of my ‘This Year’ print with Lynn from Satsuma Press, which have sold out on her shop, so they’re only available in my shop now. Here’s the link to the print on my shop.

Gracia, Louise and I are planning on doing a companion piece for this zine, on the theme of light. More on that soon. By the way, today is also the US release date for my book.

All images are by Gracia & Louise.


Amelia said...

UUUH! This looks so cool. Alas, last time I ordered from Australia the postal service lost my package and now I am afraid of ordering again :(

Hila said...

Oh that's a shame Amelia! I've never sent anything that got lost myself, but sometimes these things with the post are out of our control. I have faith though that since this is more letter-sized than a big package, it probably won't get lost. Still, this is completely up to you, I'm not pushing anyone - it's just a bit of fun and teeny tiny pocket money for me :)

Gracia said...

At a little after 6pm, it is nice to have set loose upon the world our collaborative zine. May it fly well and discover a great deal, our little inky nighttime zine.

I really enjoyed working on this with you, Hila. I look forward to dreaming up something odd and particular to its companion piece.

Good evening to you,
g xo

louise said...

Hey there Hila,
We did it! We got there! The evening has come and all is well. 'Twas a joy to collaborate with you on this zine. xolj

Danielle P. said...

Your book is also released in Canada today - another reason to rejoice! :-)

rooth said...

How cool - another congrats for your US release

amy said...

such a lovely title! and what a perfect match you three make :)

Teresa said...

Looks gorgeous Hila!
I love the artwork and with your lovely words it looks like a truly wonderful publication.

Megan said...

Love this! Congratulations! It looks so beautiful.

Sally said...

Wow wow - my favorite things, poetry and collage and the magic hour. So wonderful.

And bravo to your last post.

Hila said...

Gracia: me too Gracia! I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike for the companion piece, but once it does, you and Louise will be the first to read it.

Louise: yes, finally! Sorry for delaying things, but it's here now :)

Danielle: oh yes, how could I forget!

Rooth: Thanks!

Amy: thank you Amy :)

Teresa: Gracia and Louise have outdone themselves with these collages.

Megan: thank you!

Sally: It is the magic hour, isn't it?

Kate said...

Wow, this looks amazing! Magic hour is my favorite time of the day by far. It's pretty spectacular in California.

I'm so far behind on my blog reading but I wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday! I can't remember if I said that on twitter, my brain is GONE this week:)

laura said...

i am so much behind and just found out about your new book, and zine, and the online shop! congrats on all and i hope they all are doing well, and hoping the shop won't be just a temp one too!

Jane Flanagan said...

I'm late to comment on this post - but congratulations - it looks wonderful and I look forward to getting my hands on a copy!!

T C said...

So many good news i`ve misses while being on holidays :) wonderful book Hila, you with Gracia and Louise did a great job

Rambling Tart said...

I'm so glad you're focusing on something creative after sharing your heart the other day, Hila. I find that to be such good medicine when you've done a very brave and scary thing. Love this zine - the words, the pictures, the feel. :-)

Hila said...

Kate: I can imagine! I'm far behind on my blog reading too, don't worry. And thanks for the birthday wishes, they're gratefully received :)

Laura: thank you Laura! I don't have much to offer besides the print and zines, so I'm afraid it'll probably be a temporary shop.

Jane: Thank you for buying one Jane! I hope it arrives safely soon.

TC: Thank you :) I hope you enjoyed your holiday too.

Krista: yes, it felt self-indulgent to wallow, creating something always helps.

Debie Grace said...

I hope I'm not too late! CONGRATULATIONS!! The book cover looks very, very awesome! :D

Hila said...

It's never too late, thanks :)