Street Art in Perth

Thursday, 19 July 2012
















I walked around my city with a good friend, cameras in hand, snapping away at the beautiful street art in Perth. We saw a wooden shoe in a chandelier, a kookaburra, a few startled owls, a (not-so-) secret bar, and plenty of other hidden treasures in Perth’s lanes and streets. Those of you in Perth may also recognise a mural by Stormie Mills above. Sometimes it’s good to view your own city as a visitor and be reminded that every place has its charm.


Jane Flanagan said...

I agree. Your home looks lovely - so colourful. Love those owls!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Your photos are fantastic! Thanks for the (my kind of) fun day. ~Marina :)

Hila said...

I like your photos better Marina :)

Can't wait till Soph gets back and we can go out for an extravagant dinner together.

Hila said...

Jane: I do love those owls as well. Perth is looking rather lovely these days.

Xixia said...

Oh my gosh...that barn owl looks so cool! And slightly eerie. Great touch by the artist.
Perth looks like it has beautiful and eccentric art around the city! So good. :)
♥ xixia |

Petra said...

oh, these are fabulous. I miss going on long walks to hunt for street art. there is next to none in Singapore, and it makes me wonder what that says about society there...

Michelle Hattingh said...

This looks amazing! I'm from Cape Town and we don't have a lot of stuff like this- Perth looks really rad.

Anonymous said...

Street-art is a passion of mine. For the people who commented above, you have to know where to look. ^^^ ~Marina

Street-art in Singapore:

Street-art in Cape Town:

Nit said...

That's fantastic. If I have a camera with me I usually take snaps of street art if I catch it but I've never made an excursion of it.

Maša said...

awesome! my first thought was: I wish Ljubljana was so cool - but you're right, every city has it's charm. :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Beautiful! Guess I need to go down under sometime;)

Rambling Tart said...

I love this so much, Hila. :-) I wandered through my town of Warwick this week and had such fun taking pics. Street art makes me happy. It's always so interesting and such a surprise. :-)

rooth said...

That's really cool - I really do like all the different birds

Sally said...

Love that sneaky kitty in the second-to-last. Street art never ceases to amaze me!

Anis said...

Oh I love the 8th and the 10th picture!
I am always impressed by those people who manage to cover such large surfaces!

T C said...

Streets have their own life and their own art:)it was a nice walk,Hila!

Leah said...

I have been feeling increasingly shut-in and cut off lately, and I think these prove it: I recognise almost none of these, I couldn't tell you where they are, and I work in the city frequently...
Time to get out a bit more, methinks!

Hila said...

xixia: yes, he is slightly eerie.

Petra: I have no idea about Singapore, but maybe if you'll go searching, you'll find some street art.

Michelle: I love that art is slowly creeping into a our city landscape.

Marina: ah Marina, you find everything - expert researcher!

Nit: it was really fun, and I had great company.

Masa: agreed, every city does.

Blue eyed night owl: yes, you should come!

Rambling Tart: it does brighten up the day, huh?

rooth: me too, they're so attractive.

Sally: I loved that kitty too. I struggled to get that shot because it was high up, and I'm short. Glad I captured the kitty cat.

Anis: me too, it would be very physically demanding.

TC: glad you enjoyed it!

Leah: my friend knew where they were, but I had no idea myself. It is a nice surprise to see this in Perth.