Celebration: Rachel Ball

Tuesday, 31 July 2012



: : Rachel from Elephantine has chosen to help me celebrate by sending me flowers. I love dahlias – there’s something so extravagant about their beauty that seems entirely appropriate for a celebration. Thank you Rachel : :

Thank you so much, Hila, for inviting me to join in the celebration! In honor of your book launch, I’d love to share a few photos I took of these sweet pink dahlias. I never realized how much these gorgeous flowers can vary in size – they can be as small as two inches, or grow as wide as dinner plates! (What a dream those must be.)

Congratulations, Hila, and happy celebrating!


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I can see why you like dahlias. These pink petals against the neutral background. Wow. So lovely.

T C said...

Beautiful flowers! My congratulations and very best wishes on that occasion,dear Hila!happy celebrating:)

Gracia said...

I adore dahlias. And peonies. I think it is the largeness of them. Those big bold heads. And those colours.

Enjoying these Celebration posts, Hila. ANd thank-you for the photos, Rachel.

Danielle P. said...

Flowers certainly make someone feel special, and these are absolutely gorgeous!

rooth said...

How very very sweet :)

sweet harvest moon said...


Petra said...

these are beautiful!!! and congratulations on the book launch :)

Hila said...

Denise: I know, it puts my photos to shame. I really need a new camera as well.

TC: Thank you!

Gracia: that's it, their big bold heads - such gregarious flowers.

Danielle: I love getting flowers, everyone should receive some at some stage in their life.

Rooth and sweet harvest moon: I agree :)

Petra: thanks Petra!

Debie Grace said...

eeeep! those flowers are so lovely!

Hila said...

Debie: agreed, they are stunning.