Celebration: Jane Flanagan

: : One of my favourite people online, Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said, is launching my celebration guest posts for my new book. Ah Jane, you know me too well ... (thank you so much) : :

I’m so happy to be here celebrating the launch of Hila’s book. I’m proud to know this talented and inspiring woman (even if “know” means from a blog world away!). And I can’t wait to get my hands on her book, knowing it will be characterized by the same charm, intelligence, and warm and inviting reflection that we’ve come to know here in this space.

Now, I happen to know that Hila and I have at least one thing in common ... we’re both pretty introverted. So, while a celebration is no doubt in order, such events don’t always come easily to us shyer ones.


Image credits: Cake Painting | Champagne cocktail | Party Scene | Dress

But, I imagine an intimate gathering ... a private setting, a small group with easy manners and mood. There should definitely be champagne and cake. And perhaps even a new dress ... because I think it’s important to mark these important events in special material ways too!

But there’s another kind of celebration—one that I can much more easily relate to. It’s the immediate arrival home after all the exchanges and hugs. Slipping out of that dress to be in your home, take a long bath, look in the mirror to examine your features, trying to perceive the small changes you feel. This is the moment when we introverts finally register all we’ve been caught in the whirl of ... Our celebration is not real until we’re alone with it.


Image credits: Flowers | Bath Oil | Eyemask | Beauty Sleeps Print

Congratulations Hila - I hope you enjoy your celebrations, whatever shape they take!