A Giveaway & Some Updates

Friday, 8 June 2012

This Year Print

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Thanks so much for entering and for all your kind words! I really wish I could give you all a free print. But alas, I had to pick one winner. The name I (literally) picked out of a hat is ... tara-lynn! I'll be in touch with you soon ...

The last couple of weeks have been filled with incredible kindness shown to me by friends and people I’ve met through blogging. I feel the need for a thank you post, as well as some updates. Firstly, a big thank you to Gracia + Louise, two wonderful ladies with whom I’m collaborating on a little something (all will be revealed soon). Every time I’ve ordered something from their shop, they’ve always included extra goodies. Opening their packages is such a treat. They recently sent me this print as a gift, and so I sent them my This Year print with Lynn as a thank you. The photo above belongs to them, and I loved seeing my words in someone else’s hands.

I often feel inadequate when compared to other bloggers – you know, those great bloggers who make beautiful things like Anabela, Kate, Yelena, Becca, Gracia + Louise, and so many others. I wish I was a ‘maker’. All I have to offer are my words, and I realise that engaging with what I write requires more effort and patience than is sometimes reasonable. So that’s why my collaboration with Lynn meant so much to me when she offered to turn some of my words into a tangible print that can be held in someone’s hand, or hung on someone’s wall. It made me feel like a maker. And it gave me something solid with which to say thank you to all those who have been kind to me. In this spirit, I’d like to share the print further, so I’m giving away a copy of it.

: : Giveaway details : :

There are no rules, if you’d like a print, just leave a comment here saying so, and I will pick a name at random next week, Friday 15 June. The giveaway is open to everyone in Australia and overseas – it’s my way of saying thanks.

Phasis by Philipp Haager

Phasis by Philipp Haager

Phasis by Philipp Haager

Speaking of kindness, yesterday, when I checked my university mail in the staff mail room, a large package was waiting for me. It turned out to be a copy of artist Philipp Haager’s beautiful book, Phasis, which he sent me. I was stunned to receive such a gift, and quite touched by Philipp’s comment. I think Philipp has emailed me in the past, but I can’t seem to find his email. If anyone happens to know how to contact him, please let me know. And Philipp, if you happen to be reading this, a very big thank you! I will of course send you a proper thank you once I find your contact details.

If you haven’t heard of Philipp Haager, you really must check out his work here and here. It’s amazing, but more on that later when I’ve had the time to read through the book.


Going from the Sublime to the ridiculous now, I’ve started a new tumblr blog called Romance Covers Hall of Fame. This blog began by request from my Pinterest board. Ever since I had to give a lecture on Mills & Boon, I’ve been fascinated by the trashy horror that is Romance Novels Covers … I apologise in advance if you follow me on Pinterest. But, if like me you share this fascination, feel free to submit a cover.

There’s also a small change on this blog. I’ve decided to remove the PhD Advice blog feature. Although I really appreciate those of you who indicated they were happy about this feature, I don’t feel like I’m in a position to be giving authoritative advice. Every time I sit down to write a second post for this feature, I feel like a fraud. I’m happy to answer questions by email, but I think it was a bad idea for me to make this public on my blog.

A few exciting things to end on:

: : Bust Magazine mentioned one of my posts on Yolanda’s great project, Poses. I have to admit, it’s a bit of a thrill. But the thrill is more Yolanda’s than mine, and I’m happy to see her work get more exposure.

: : Next week, I attend the media launch for the exhibition ‘Picasso to Warhol’ which I blogged about here. I’m so excited about this, I can barely contain myself – and MoMA’s Director will be there!

: : My publisher moved up the publication of my book to 10 August. That’s three days after my birthday. Guess what kind of party I’ll be having this year for my birthday? Book party!

: : We had a mini-tornado in Perth yesterday. Seriously, we did. My mum watched a tree fly in front of her window. But not to worry, both myself and my family are fine, and no damage was done to us. The ironic thing is, trees may have been up-rooted, but this little flower survived, beautifully intact:

The flower that survived a mini-tornado

Crazy. I’ll never make fun of Perth Winters again! Kobi was thoroughly unimpressed by it all, however:


I hope everyone has a calm weekend, as cool as my kitty.


Accidentalwriter said...

Amazing. I have read your This Year piece on a number of occasions, and yet, reading it again via the photo you posted, gave it another life and meaning.
I so relate to the not being a maker predicament - I often think all I have to offer are the words - and then remind myself that words are precious and incomparable in many ways. So here's to the 'makers' and those of us who hold on to the label of wordsmith (even if at times we feel we fall short of such a title).
Thank you so much for the update Hila. May your weekend be wonderful also.

amy said...

mini tornado!?! weathers getting crazy..

Niina said...

I like your poem a lot and it´s precisely how I felt New Year and even now.
And I consider you a maker. Making up words and sentences is the hardest thing. And it´s the many words and long stories that makes your blog so interesting and stand out among other blogs. So thank you!

Naomi Bulger said...

Must be something in the Australian waters. I have been preparing a post on thankfulness too, for the many people who enrich my life with compassion and consideration and generosity that surprises me. I love your This Year post, and have it bookmarked for inspiration. I'd love to be in the draw!

tara-lynn (good night, day) said...

just leaving my name, just saying so

rooth said...

Oh your life seems rather wonderful at the moment (despite the mini tornado). I'd love to be entered for the print and have a lovely weekend!

cluelesspixie said...

ok, so now I'm taking a pretty paper and copying the poem onto it and hanging it somewhere I can see it every day. but I'd still love to have the print ;)

SERA said...

Hi Hila,

I'm a short-time lurker speaking up for a chance to win this lovely poem! I came here from Jane's blog (Ill Seen, Ill Said) and have read your poem many times now from various places. I really enjoy your posts and the thought that goes into them.


Carolina said...

Since I first visited your blog I've enjoyed coming back, time and time again. I think you are a maker. I always leave your posts full of questions or realizations. You make thoughts.

Allie said...

I would love to win a print!

Also, immediately following your romance novel tumblr. Genius!!!

M Gonzaga said...

i would love a print. your poetry is beautiful.


Teresa said...

Whoa! A mini tornado? It's been a crazy start to winter weather-wise. We've had so much rain down here in East Gippsland, Victoria which resulted in some flooding.

Congrats on your recent publicity and it's so exciting that your book will be published right near your birthday! Best present ever. :D

I would be honoured to win one of your prints.


louise said...

Very much excited about our collaboration, Hila, and enjoying on a daily basis your beautiful print. I am sure the lucky winner will enjoy their print as much as I do.


suzie said...

I would love this beautiful print, Hila!

Olga said...

So many things happen in your life - new, interesting, and pleasant things. All the other details practically don't matter :) I really love the photo of your cat.

T C said...

Lovely Kobi :) Philipp Haager’s book is amazing! have a wonderful start of the week

Gracia said...

Charmed by your printed words.
In awe of your cleverness.
Flattered by your praise.
And excited about our collaborative project.

Seems I am delighted all round this Monday and thrilled to have met you through your words and blogging.

g xo

Gracia said...

P.S. In my gushing I neglected to add a YAY! for your book and Birthday party in August.

laura said...

pick me pick me!! i love that poem of yours, need to read it everyday up my wall for my self reminder. the weather has been crazy wet too here in sydney, please stay safe and dry!

Sally said...

Congrats on all this fun news!! :)

And thanks again for introducing me to Yolanda Dominguez's series - I think of it every time I see a ridiculous subway ad, and I've told so many people about it too. It really changed my perspective.

Michal said...

Oh I would love a print! I have had that poem bookmarked since the day you posted it. It would be a beautiful reminder to have around always.

Mariella said...

I'd love to have a print of this to remind me of the wonderful year ahead!

Sophie said...

I would live to win a print!

So glad you posted again, I'ce missed you in my reader.

Jen said...

Completely relevant to my life just now ... count me in. Thank you.

Ana said...

Hila, I would love to have your print. Thanks for the blog recommendations and good luck with your book! x

hungryandfrozen said...

A bullet-pointy response:

Gosh, I must've read This Year a thousand times over.

Am now following your delightful tumblr!

Congratulations on the Bust magazine mention...and on the due date of your book. So thrilling.

Sorry to hear about the tornado - glad to hear you're okay.

Katie Higgins said...

Hello! I would oh so love a copy of your print! I have been reading your blog quietly now for around 6 months..and I enjoy every second of my reading time! I also read 'This year' at the beginning of my year and I decided to live by what you had written..so far it has lead me to wonderful places! So even without having an actual copy of the print I will still thank you for that! Happy Friday!

Katie H

Rambling Tart said...

I would absolutely love a print, Hila. Your words mean so much to me. I can never read your posts in a hurry, but must always linger, ponder, and let myself feel whatever intense emotion inevitably springs up. You are an artist, a maker, a creator. :-)

Hila said...

Accidentalwriter: I wonder why I find it difficult to think of myself as a 'maker', since I value words so much. I guess in this online world, words can be de-valued, so sometimes it's hard to remember that writing is a task as well.

amy: yep! and that was only the start, we had two other cyclone storms to follow it.

Niina: Thank you, that means so much to me! Although I wish I could knit and weave rugs like you :)

Naomi: we have a lot to be thankful for in Australia :)

tara-lynn: congratulations on winning!

rooth: a few lovely things have been happening lately, but alas, not the weather.

cluelesspixie: or better yet, you could buy a copy from Lynn's shop :) She's a lovely person and did such a beautiful job in designing and printing my poem. I'd love everyone to support her (and me).

Sera: hello! I love it when lurkers comment, as I get to see who reads my blog. Thanks for dropping by from Jane's blog (which is one of my favourite blogs ever).

Carolina: that's the biggest compliment to me, thank you.

Allie: ha, romance novels crack me up.

meagan: thank you!

Teresa: yeah, it seems that the crazy weather has been everywhere this winter! I hope everyone is okay. And thanks!

louise: I'm so looking forward to our collaboration, it fills me with excitement.

Suzie: thanks for entering!

Olga: he's got the funniest expressions, you should see his innocent dopey look.

TC: I'm totally biased, but he's the loveliest cat ever.

Gracia: aww, thank you kind lady! We shall speak soon ... xo

Laura: you too! Things have calmed down for us in Perth, I hope they have too Sydney.

Sally: I love Yolanda's series too, I think she's such a provocative artist.

Michal: I'm so glad the poem spoke to you.

Mariella: and let's hope the rest of the year is wonderful.

Sophie: I've been pretty actively blogging, haven't really stopped - strange that it hasn't shown up on your reader.

Jen: I hope you're enjoying your blogging break, and all the writing.

Ana: thanks, the book is completely done now, so all I have to do is wait till I receive my copies :)

hungryandfrozen: thanks for your comprehensive response ;) And you've received so much thrilling news yourself, congratulations!

Katie: that's wonderful, I'm amazed my words had this affect. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Rambling Tart: thank you, as are you :)