Daniela Rossell

I feel that are we all prisoners in the representations that we perhaps believe of ourselves. For instance, ‘femininity’: maybe something that because we’re women, we may think that it belongs to us. But we didn’t make it up most of the time, we didn’t set the rules to it, and is it really our territory?

Im very interested in territories that are supposed to be female ... the home for example has been treated as a feminine space, or territory, which I think is ridiculous. And I think that ‘hotness’ is also viewed as a female space. ... The inertia to repeat these roles and stereotypes is very powerful.

I stumbled upon this video today and I wanted to post it immediately before I forget. It features photographer and artist, Daniela Rossell, talking about femininity in modern culture, using “examples from her series Ricas y Famosas (Rich and Famous) to work through her own thoughts on the problematic nature of contemporary ‘femininity’”. It’s fascinating, and I highly recommend setting aside five quiet minutes to see it. Although I’ve highlighted a few quotes above from the video, it should really be watched in full.

Video source: from SFMOMA’s blog.