Anthology Magazine Guest Post

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Anthology Magazine Guest Post

I was asked to contribute to Anthology Magazine's regular blog column, Attributes. I was talking about images having a narrative in my previous post. Well, each object in the image above that I took has a story too. If you'd like to read it, here's my guest post. Thanks so much for asking me to participate in this great column Kate and the Anthology team!

I should also point out that I took down the 'vote for me' badge for the blog competition I entered. I can't say I'm particularly disappointed that I didn't win anything, either in the general public voting round, or the judged rounds. I knew this would be the case, hence my half-hearted attempts at asking for votes (always a very awkward thing for me). I think entering this year has taught me that I have zero interest in entering again. As much as I think this competition is a great initiative, blog competitions in general aren't for me. I'd rather focus my energy elsewhere. I also feel I become increasingly cynical about blogging whenever I view how these things are run, so I'd rather not. I do want to thank everyone though for all their support, I think the kind words and votes you threw my way were really my 'prize'.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the stories behind my attributes ...


Danielle P. said...

Bah, who needs these competitions anyway?

What an interesting article! The artifacts in particular caught my eye. I often find myself moved to tears in the presence of objects and buildings that are even just a few generations old. Although there's not a romantic bone in my body, I do like to imagine the lives of those who used these items and occupied these spaces... It helps to put my own existence into perspective.

Would you mind sharing how you prepare Turkish coffee?

T C said...

oh, that is nice to read about some objects, you are attached to. i keep my favourite old photos of my grandparents, a small reflection of their life that époque. have a good day, Hila:)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

This post looks really interesting! I'll go check it out;)

Too bad the competition didn't work out for you in any way. I hope it didn't affect how you feel about your own blog. I think it's probably best to stay true to yourself instead of trying to take things too public. Competitions might sometimes be fun, but it's not what's most important.

Have a lovely day!

İpek said...

I love photos of organized things, yum! I really enjoyed the Anthology article of yours. Proud to see Turkish coffee in your list of course, even though I like mine sans sugar and strong. xxx

Ballad of Seasons said...

wow I'm glad to see Turkish coffee there :) I'll be happy to make you Turkish coffee sometime and show how you can "cook" a non-sugary and sugary one in the same pot :)) Turkish coffee is such a social event, cuz it takes a lot time to make than regular espresso or American coffee.

My respects to you grandfather, I'd love to have a historian in my family too.
I collect both train tickets and postcards that have been exchanged with friends over the years :)
oh and old pictures are my recent addiction, I'm pilfering the ones I love from my grandparents photo collections sometimes :p

Sophia said...

I went over to Anthology blog and read your post which I enjoyed tremedously, the reason though I came back here to comment is because you're the first person whom I found out to enjoy "turkish" coffee! As a greek and since we share the same traditions with them over coffee rituals I have to say that I haven't started a single day in my life without drinking the said coffee! Only for me it's a double ( double shots of coffee and sugar for a mug) and I add a few drops of evaporated milk since this is the way I had it from when I was a teenager(my mom would make it back then with less coffee and more milk). If I may now, I would love to send you as a gift(of course if you have no objection here) a special blend (harmani)that we discovered a few years ago and honestly is the BEST ever!

Camila Faria said...

How amazing Hila, I adore Anthology! I'll like it even more now that you're a part of it. And it was so nice to read about your mementos, thank you for that.

Susanna-Cole King said...

You know what? I believe it's a beautiful thing that you find it difficult and awkward to ask for votes for something like this, it shows you have humility and that is a rare and under appreciated gem of society these days. It actually makes me a little uneasy and sick inside, when I see people so effortlessly self-promoting, begging for votes, etc, nonstop, left and right, with absolutely no shame or hesitation. And I hate in job interviews or the likes, when they ask, "Why are you good at what you do? Or why do you deserve this more than anyone else?" Because I don't think like that, and I certainly don't want to talk like that. Bragging about oneself is super uncomfortable, and I dodge questions that essentially ask me to do this like the plague. I don't want to give the impression that, oh, I hate myself or have no self-esteem (because everybody seems to think this is the only alternative to not thinking you're all that and so great) I just don't get my self-esteem from what I do, it's deeper than that. But yadda, yadda, yadda, I digress. I'm going to go read your guest post now!

Hope you're well, Hila. <3

Much love,

P.S. I'm raising money for International Justice Mission, to help end human trafficking and slavery (there are an estimated 27,000,000 slaves around the world? Many of which are young girls forced into prostitution…) in a campaign I'm calling Summer of Freedom, there's more about it in my latest blog entry and the campaign is here. If you feel moved to, I hope you'll consider donating, or spreading the word about it, it would mean so much to me. <3

P.P.S. That felt a little awkward just then, haha, talking about promoting things just above, but honestly, even though I'm heading up this campaign, obviously it's for a good cause, and for others, and probably the only way I'm going to end up "promoting" anything on someone else's blog.

Mariella said...

Welcome back Hila!

@Susannah, your comment made me feel better about myself

vegetablej said...

Hi Hila:

I voted for you, and only you.:) The process was a bit time-consuming and annoying, having to go through so many blogs, and that's probably a deterrent for most.

I love this blog and obviously others do too. Good content stands on its own and attracts readers; blog fame comes and goes. I like that you take the time to answer comments -- that would be impossible if you got too many.

While I'm here, I wanted to ask you if you would share your grandmother's recipe for hummus?

Sundari said...

Hila, it's so lovely to read about these small things but important things. What a great way to share a part of you with the world.
I'm sorry I haven't been around much!

Hila said...

Danielle: I think I've learnt my lesson about competitions. There are some pretty good instructions on how to brew Turkish coffee here:
It's fairly similar to how I make it.

TC: I love old photographs too :)

Blue eyed night owl: I think my blog is pretty public by now anyway, so that wasn't the point of the competition for me - I was really interested in the writing side of it. Oh well!

Ipek: A lot of people drink it sans sugar, but I can't stomach that.

Ballad of Seasons: there's something very comforting about the ritual of making Turkish coffee, rather than switching the kettle on.

Sophia: oh thank you, that's very sweet! It sounds delicious. I like the way you make Turkish coffee too.

Camila: I love Anthology too!

Susanna-Cole: Of course, I'll mention this cause you're raising money for on my blog. I'm really proud of you for doing this, not many people are willing to make the effort. I know how hard it is to promote things without feeling awkward. Sometimes I think I need to get over the awkward feeling and just deal with it. Other times, I'm grateful I still feel this way.

Mariella: thank you!

vegetablej: yeah, their voting process was a bit of a deterance, I suspect many people didn't vote because of that. But thank you for voting for me! I think I posted my grandmother's hummus recipe a while ago on my blog, just do a search and it should come up :) If not, email me.

Sundari: That's okay, I know you've been super busy!

sarah. said...

Your post over at Anthropology was lovely! I agree with you about train tickets - I have lots of old tickets from ferries, buses, trains, movies, etc. Such a shame that you didn't end up with an award- you really should have.

Hila said...

Sarah: thank you, but I'm not really bothered about the award thing :)