Votes, Wares and a Cat named Henri

Friday, 13 April 2012

Written on the Body

A pretty self-explanatory title for my post today, I must be losing my metaphorical touch. In any case, I have a few lovely things to share. Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to Odessa who sent me this signed copy of Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body. Odessa knows Winterson is one of my favourite authors, and she recently got the chance to meet her in person and hear her speak about her writing. How amazing is that? I wish I could have been there with you, Odessa. I think with all the critiquing of negativity on the internet I've been doing lately, it was definitely necessary for me to receive this reminder that blogging has also put me in touch with some of the kindest people, who have truly become my friends. I consider Odessa to be my friend, and I'm so glad our respective blogs brought us together.

The voting for The Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition opened today. You might remember I blogged about this here, explaining why I entered this competition. I don't normally put myself out there for these things, and if I'm being really honest, I'm kind of nervous about this. I would really appreciate it if anyone who happens to like reading my blog would take the time to vote for me here. The competition is primarily based on the quality of the writing on the blog.

The instructions on how to vote are on this page, and they're pretty clear. The blogs are listed alphabetically on the voting pages, and my blog is listed under the letter 'L' as (on page three of the five voting pages):

le projet d'amour

The competition badge on my sidebar also takes you directly to the voting pages. And also, if you could spread the word (whichever way you want to - via Twitter [the competition hash-tag is #bestblogs2012], Facebook, on your own blog, etc.) that would be very much appreciated as well. I'm up against some stiff competition in The People's Choice Award, and I need to give it my very best shot. You have my thanks and gratitude in advance! The voting closes on Wednesday 9 May 2012.

Another thing I don't normally do is share the wares I covet. That's because ladies such Anabela, Diana, Jane, Jen and Kate are already so great at showcasing wares in such creative ways, I often feel I should leave it to the experts. But there are three particular things that have caught my attention that I feel like sharing, if only to get it out of my system as I can't afford to buy them at the moment:

Light as a Feather: Venus


You've probably already seen Fieldguided's new Light as a Feather scarf collection, which Anabela blogged about here. My first instinct was to think of Stevie Nicks when I saw these. I also had a small toddler-tantrum moment of 'why don't I ever have money when I want something?' I love scarves, they are such sensual things to have on your body, and they carry a sense of comfort and protection on cold days. My favourite scarf from the collection is the Venus one.

Light Study (Original Painting) by Jeremy Miranda


I was fascinated by this painting as soon as I saw it. It reminds me of those hazy sunsets we have here in Western Australia, where you go to the beach in the early evening in summer to gaze at the softening light on the water. In those moments, I forget how hot the weather can be here and appreciate the beauty of the landscape in my own backyard. I would love to hang this painting on my wall as a reminder.

Bal D'Afrique Eau de Parfum by BYREDO


I immediately wanted this perfume when I read its description:

A warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20's and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance. A mix of the Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression.

The description reminded me of a book about Parisian culture's fascination with Orientalism and African culture in the 1920s as part of the Modernist movement, a subject I'm interested in. The idea of a perfume linked to an era and a literary cultural movement seems so appealing.

And wait, did I mention a cat named Henri? Why yes, I did. In case you haven't met this morose but hilarious feline, here's an introduction:

I bet Henri reads Sartre. We could have grand discussions on existentialism, followed by prolonged periods of brooding.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for your votes in advance!


Ana said...

Hello Hila,

Good luck with competition. I hope you get enough votes.

Just on question, you got me all intrigued - what's the title of the book you mentionned on Parisian culture's fascination with Orientalism and African culture in the 20's?



Monica said...

i find myself buying scarves more than wearing them, or draping them round my home. i do enjoy them.

i caught a sea sunset not long ago. coming from sydney, i never saw them until europe!

have a wonderful weekend, and good luck on that bloggy comp.

Sarah Rooftops said...

WOW! What an amazing gift! And so thoughtful.

Maša said...

I would vote for you a hundred times if I could! :)

Henri reminds me of one of my ex-boyfriends. :D

etre-soi said...

voted, tweeted = wish you all the luck Hila :)
Odessa is such a sweet, that's such a wonderful gift, Wow !
That Henri is amazing :)

rooth said...

I'm voting for you Hila - good luck!

Blaze said...

I LOVE that painting. Swoon. So pretty! :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Definitely will vote for you, Hila! Thanks for posting Henri. He literally made me "LOL" on a rather rainy, dreary day here in California.

Sasha said...

Those scarves are definitely beautiful! Best of luck in competition! I voted. :)

Sophia said...

I just cast my vote! Go Hila!

Dottie said...

"I have grown my fluffy coat for the winter, like a tsar's robe."

This is most definitely the best cat video ever produced.

Ana said...

Hello Hila! I voted and saw the Henri video. Brilliant!

Also, the description of that perfume... wow. As a copywriter I feel jealous of that copy, and as a girl I really want to try it out!

Good luck and have a lovely weekend :)

C said...

Cast my vote for you! Best of luck!

That perfume sounds amazing. I've never bought perfume, and growing up department store perfume sections always gave me a headache. But lately, I've been so intrigued by the idea of it and all the specific and unique scent descriptions out there.

Jane Flanagan said...

I voted! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

I love Anabela's new scarves too and am hoping one's still around by the time I've saved my pennies.

And Byredo scent is my absolute favourite. I wear Rose Noir but adore Bal d'Afrique too. Good coveting!

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

i just voted...good luck!!!

Joanna said...

Just wanted to chime in to say that Bal d'Afrique is every bit as amazing as you'd think it would be. It's warm and a lightly sweet, but not in an overbearing way at all. There's also a tinge of spice in there. It's just lovely all around, and my favorite in the whole Byredo line. Gypsy Water is another great one, too..

Hila said...

Thanks for the votes and kind words everyone!

Ana: the book is called 'Negrophilia: Avant-Garde Paris and Black Culture in the 1920s':

It's mainly about African culture and race in Paris during the time, more than the Orientalism side - however, Oriental culture and African culture do have a habit of being erroneously clumped together in Western culture - i.e. as a symbol of the 'exotic' and the 'primitive'. I have big issues with that obviously :) But it's still fascinating.

Monica: I have scarves draped around my house too.

Sarah: I agree, Odessa is incredibly thoughtful.

Masa: haha, I find that behaviour endearing in cats, not boyfriends :)

Sofia: yes, Odessa is really very sweet, and such a good friend - as are you!

Rooth: thank you!

Blaze: I love it too - sadly, someone bought it. But maybe that's a good thing as it stops me from spending money I don't have!

Kelly: he made me giggle too :)

Sasha: thank you!

Sophia: aww, thanks!

Dottie: agreed. "I'm free to leave. Yet I remain".

Ana: it would be my dream job to write descriptions for perfumes, and I think I'd be pretty good at it too. Ah, if only :)

c: I don't like cheap perfumes, they give me a headache too. But I've grown to love certain perfumes.

Jane: me too, I'm saving up for a few things at the moment, and Anabela's scarves are now added to my list. I hope I manage to buy one. And thanks for the vote! As for the perfume, I think you introduced me to this brand of perfumes on your blog, so thanks for that!

Nancy: thanks!!

Joanna: it sounds like such a lovely perfume. I'm looking for something to compliment my undying loyalty to Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

That perfume is very seductive indeed...the bottle itself is a design marvel!

Hila said...

The Wanderers' Daughter: I agree, I love everything about it.

bronwyn said...

Oh my goodness, Henri is my new favorite! I'm going to have to watch all the videos. And I always want fragrances based on the description. If there is any mention of smoke, spice, or a forest, I'm going to want it.

Mia Wallace said...

Voted - best of luck!

I think Jeanette Winterson is awesome; Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit is one of my favourite books (not least because of the similarities between the church in the book and the one I grew up attending - really).

Hila said...

Bronwyn: he's such a little star, that Henri.

Mia: Many thanks, I really appreciate that! Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit is on my 'to-read' list now.