Romaine Brooks









I'm so exhausted lately, by myself, by others, by expectations, by my own personality. But I find myself almost comforted, if not calmed, by gazing at the artwork of Romaine Brooks. The androgynous nature and muted colours of her work appeal to me. Maybe it has something to do with the almost withdrawn tone of her portraits, where the subjects remain elusive and within themselves like a celebration of solitude. The sense of isolation evident in some of these paintings speaks to my personality. Jane has written the most honest post about her own personality. She could be speaking about me too, I can empathise with her words. I don't really feel like expanding on her words however, I think drawing your attention to them is enough to explain why I too find the constant 'shoulding' exhausting. Thank you Jane, for writing this.

All images are by Romaine Brooks, from here and here.