This space may be quiet for much of this week and next. I'm flying out to Melbourne for a work trip, but also plan for some fun. I had wanted to line up some guest posts while I'm away, but I ran out of time to organise that. Since I'm staying with my brother and bringing my laptop with me though, I may be able to squeeze in a post or two while I'm away. I'll be back home on 26 April, hopefully with some Melbourne tales to share (and some neat photos if I remember to photograph things).

Does anyone have any Melbourne tips they'd like to give me of places I absolutely must visit? I always forget to ask this when I go somewhere, and I think that the people who live in a place know its best areas.

Also, I would really appreciate your votes for the blog competition I entered while I'm away - thank you!

Image source: Center Point in Flinders Lane, in Melbourne by CubaGallery.