Friday, 6 April 2012


I count your devotion
with your fallen hair,
strategically placed
on my clothes,
and eyelashes,
like a systematic code of

With each layer,
you shed the perfect symmetry
of your coat
onto my world.
Perhaps you are trying
to give me that sense
of effortless ease
you so calmly exude.

So the papers on my desk
aren't a pile of upturned tasks,
the stained coffee cup at my bedside
not a fallen victim of relentless work,
but each are now a pattern of life,
by the aid of a brown fuzz here,
a grey strand there.

I count your devotion
with your low sweet rumbles,
emanating from your being
like refugees
from the belly of contentment.

With each vibration
I am lulled,
rocked on the slope of your
dipping sounds,
encased more protectively
in my body.

I count your devotion
with your daily
uncompromising need.
You are a creature of habit
and immediacy,
to the garden,
all now.

You know no plans or lists,
no future, no past,
only the nowness of wanting.
With your soft pleas
you drag me from
the cavern of adulthood
into aimless gardens,
the sun on my skin,
the crushing of leaves between my feet,
the beauty of a rumbling stomach.

I count your devotion
late at night,
when you are wrapped
around my blanketed legs,
with new sheets absorbing your smell
of something warm,
and baked,
and elusively delicious,
where we contemplate sleep
as I fill some lines
devoted to you.

* * *

Words by me. Perhaps writing a poem for my cat officially earns me the 'crazy cat lady' title, but I'll happily wear that label.

Two more things before we head into the weekend ...

:: I'm happy to announce the giveaway winner: I randomly picked a name out of a hat (I'm old school), and the winner is ... Amelia! Congrats Amelia, I'll be in touch with you soon. Thanks again to Thumbtack Press for offering this giveaway for my blog.

:: Many are celebrating Easter today and going on a long-weekend holiday in Australia, but for me, it's Passover tonight. It's one of those rare instances where a Jewish holiday aligns with a Christian one perfectly, so I actually get a day off on my own holiday too. I hope everyone has a nice break, whatever you happen to celebrate (even if it is just the celebration of a day off from work).

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Image is by me (isn't Kobi a pensive fellow?).


rooth said...

Kobi is a special creature to be able to inspire such creativity!

Happy Passover and I hope you have a wonderful weekend

Rambling Tart said...

Kobi is beautiful. He reminds me of my beloved cat: Ilario Caddywhumpus Megan Krittevittevitbombom. She started out as Ilario but the name grew with successive guests who wanted to add to it. :-)

elliottwithlove said...

What a sweet poem! Kobi sounds like a very charming cat; what a blessing to have such a pet. :)

odessa said...

Oh, Kobi looks very wise and pensive indeed. And this is such a sweet tribute. I love what you said about the nowness of wanting. We need to be reminded of this every once in a while. ;)

Teresa said...

A beautiful poem! One thing I miss while I'm overseas is the finding of my beloved beagle's hair on my clothes. It's the little things!

Enjoy your break. :)

Monica said...

i just love the whole notion of the 'upsets' and such being really 'a systematic code of love' and 'pattern of life'. wonderful.

happy passover (is that what is said!?) we don't do easter so i didn't even realise until it was mentioned on blogs.
a quiet bloggy day i imagine.

enjoy your weekend.

suzie said...

Kobi is beautiful, as is your peotry. He/she is very like my own cat. I'm reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog at the moment and it reminded me of Paloma's 'Profound thought n°3'. The exact opposite of your feeling towards cats!

Sarah Rooftops said...

What a handsome chap!

And, yes, I totally get the "NOW!", although our other cat is incredibly patient - they're an odd contrast for each other.

cluelesspixie said...

Kobi is a beautiful creature! And the poem is wonderful, it captures so well the love that we can feel for our animal companions. I love cats but can't get one at the moment so basically I live vicariously through other cat people - this post is an awesome cat fix for me :)

Lyndall said...

Such a lovely poem!

I hope you have a nice Passover, we don't really celebrate anything here but I am happy for the long weekend :)

Maša said...

Happy holidays! I don't celebrate cause I'm not religious, but my family is catholic so I'm gonna join some traditions, like coloring the eggs. :) we don't have a free day today, but we do have it on Monday. I never liked Great Friday cause it's so morbid. I was religious as a kid and I was actually suffering cause I thought that I have to feel guilty for all those sins by humanity. and I didn't like Easter in general because I have birthday in that time of the year so I would always receive plush rabbits and enormous amount of boiled eggs which I never ate anyway. :D

btw, Kobi looks similar to my Muli. I would totally write a poem about him if I had any sense of writing poems. :) it would probably sound like a romantic poem!

Lin said...

I do love that you wrote a poem devoted to your CAT. And a beautiful poem that takes me immediately to cat-dom. We have two male cats now (both look like Kobi), having lost our female last year, and they are definitely of the moment. I especially love their ability to find a single ray of sunshine in the house and plop themselves down to take in the warmth.

Glad to hear you are taking a holiday. Happy Passover and weekend to you!

Maura said...

I adore this! What a beautiful cat, and what a beautiful poem to honor him. You have such a lovely way with words and descriptions.
I'll happily place myself in "crazy cat lady" ranks as well, I love my furry beast as well.

I hope you have a wonderful Passover.

Tana said...

Kobi is wonderful! to inspire you to write a poem :) have a lovely weekend, Hila!

Gracia said...

"With each layer,
you shed the perfect symmetry
of your coat
onto my world."

From one crazy cat lady to another,
I love this visual description.

Sophia said...

(Warning: silly comment ahead)You remember on "Friends" when Joey was talking about his identical hand twin? No, well it doesn't matter because all I wanted to say is that our cats are identical(???). It's like when I saw the close-up of your cat Kobi, looking at my own cat! I couldn't believe it! Only yours is a handsome fella and mine a lovely lady! I don't wanna say no more because I know I'm gonna sound totally obsessed(?). So...I'll shut up and finish reading that beautiful poem of yours!:) Enjoy your weekend!

Mary ♥ Mur said...

Really like your blog!
A wonderful post!

Have you got an account in instagram?
If yes, write me your name!

Tracey said...

Oh this is lovely Hila ... and Kobi is such a sweetheart and he looks like a deep thinker. Your words are wonderful, and the opening is such a beautiful way of looking at all those kitty hairs.

I feel all inspired to give Jones an extra kitty cuddle! :)

Mary Lou (not really a pseudonym) said...

I found myself nodding throughout the whole poem! I loved it! Let's proudly wear our "crazy cat ladies" badges :)

Hila said...

Rooth: he is indeed a special creature!

Rambling Tart: ha! That's an epic name, I love it :)

elliottwithlove: I adore him to bits, such a gentle little guy.

odessa: cats are very good at reminding you of the necessities of life.

Teresa: That's so true - sometimes I'll find myself removing his hair off my clothes at work and it just makes me want to go home.

Monica: yeah, Easter is a public holiday in Australia, almost as big as Christmas (almost).

Suzie: I laughed when I read that in the book. And then I got offended for my lovely cat.

Sarah Rooftops: He is most handsome!

cluelesspixie: luckily, the internet is full of cat fixes - youtube cat videos are my guilty pleasure.

Lyndall: I was happy for the long weekend too!

Masa: I think you have to be a cat lover to appreciate writing a poem for one :)

Lin: oh yes, the sun-spot hunting. Cats are experts at that. If I want to find my cat, I look for rays of sunshine in my house.

Maura: I'm happy to have others join me in the 'crazy cat lady' ranks.

Tana: Thank you! He is very wonderful.

Gracia: Thanks Gracia, I'm convinced they're trying to tell us a secret code.

Sophia: ha, perhaps we should introduce them to each other.

Mary Mur: Sorry, I don't have instagram (or an iphone).

Tracey: I hope Jones appreciates all the cuddles, he's so cute Tracey!

Mary Lou: yes, let's :)

LUAR said...

This poem has made me incredibly happy, and I wish my cat could understand English so I could read your words to him.

another proud 'crazy cat lady'.