I count your devotion
with your fallen hair,
strategically placed
on my clothes,
and eyelashes,
like a systematic code of

With each layer,
you shed the perfect symmetry
of your coat
onto my world.
Perhaps you are trying
to give me that sense
of effortless ease
you so calmly exude.

So the papers on my desk
aren't a pile of upturned tasks,
the stained coffee cup at my bedside
not a fallen victim of relentless work,
but each are now a pattern of life,
by the aid of a brown fuzz here,
a grey strand there.

I count your devotion
with your low sweet rumbles,
emanating from your being
like refugees
from the belly of contentment.

With each vibration
I am lulled,
rocked on the slope of your
dipping sounds,
encased more protectively
in my body.

I count your devotion
with your daily
uncompromising need.
You are a creature of habit
and immediacy,
to the garden,
all now.

You know no plans or lists,
no future, no past,
only the nowness of wanting.
With your soft pleas
you drag me from
the cavern of adulthood
into aimless gardens,
the sun on my skin,
the crushing of leaves between my feet,
the beauty of a rumbling stomach.

I count your devotion
late at night,
when you are wrapped
around my blanketed legs,
with new sheets absorbing your smell
of something warm,
and baked,
and elusively delicious,
where we contemplate sleep
as I fill some lines
devoted to you.

* * *

Words by me. Perhaps writing a poem for my cat officially earns me the 'crazy cat lady' title, but I'll happily wear that label.

Two more things before we head into the weekend ...

:: I'm happy to announce the giveaway winner: I randomly picked a name out of a hat (I'm old school), and the winner is ... Amelia! Congrats Amelia, I'll be in touch with you soon. Thanks again to Thumbtack Press for offering this giveaway for my blog.

:: Many are celebrating Easter today and going on a long-weekend holiday in Australia, but for me, it's Passover tonight. It's one of those rare instances where a Jewish holiday aligns with a Christian one perfectly, so I actually get a day off on my own holiday too. I hope everyone has a nice break, whatever you happen to celebrate (even if it is just the celebration of a day off from work).

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Image is by me (isn't Kobi a pensive fellow?).