Period and Costume Dramas Tour

Friday, 2 March 2012

Period and Costume Dramas Tour

Period and Costume Dramas Tour

Thanks for bearing with me this week and offering such supportive comments on my previous grumpy post. I promise to play catch-up and respond to all your lovely comments as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime, I'd like to direct you to something considerably less grumpy and more fun.

I did a guest post for Diana over at Miss Moss since she's very busy moving house. I wanted to do something very special for Diana, so I compiled a guest post on one of my favourite subjects: Period and Costume Dramas. I've focused on the shooting locations for some of the most beautiful films and television serials from my book as a type of mini 'screen-tour'. This is, in a way, a small peek at some of the research I did for my book. So I hope you enjoy my Period and Costume Dramas Tour on Diana's blog. Have a good weekend everyone!

11 comments: said...

Great pics:) I really like your much nice inspiration. I wish you a lovely weekend.

LOVE Maria at

Kate said...

last week we re-watched that BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and marvelled again at the force that is Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennett! these stills make me yearn for that perfect summer evening, running out with no idea what I'll find..

B said...

Beauuuutiful *dreamy sigh*. It's not just about seeing the stunning locations - it's about the films associated with them. I will always associate the Temple of Apollo with Lizzy and Darcy. x

Maša said...

wonderful post. I saw the secret garden when I was still a kid and that house blew me away. it sparked my fantasizing about enormous old houses with secret passages and hidden curiosities. as an adult I still like to fantasize about that kind of residences. gaston bachelard beautifully described that in the poetics of space.
I also love haddon hall. i have to watch movies i haven't seen yet asap, those locations look wonderful. can't wait for your book btw.

Miss Bibliophile said...

What a lovely post. It makes me feel like re-watching all of those films! And those excerpts from Emma Thompson's journal were fantastic!

rooth said...

Hila, I just checked out your guest post - brilliant. Again, why can't real life be closer to that?

odessa said...

Love this! It makes me want to go to England. (sigh)

Also, Colin Firth's lake scene! <3

Sasha said...

Love (love love love) your guest post! It was really lovely to read and made me want to go watch all my favorite costume dramas. I can't imagine what it would be like to see these places with my own two eyes. I'd probably be overwhelmed.

twinkilingeyes said...

my 2 favorite bloggers in the same place :):):)
pride and prejudice... forever!

Hila said...

Maria: Thank you :)

Kate: Oh I know, she's my definitive Mrs Bennet.

B: I'd love to do a real film tour.

Masa: I still dream about such spaces too - I think the idea of having spaces to hide in is so evocative of childhood.

Miss Bibliophile: Isn't she a gem? So witty.

Rooth: Amen! If only ...

Odessa: Best scene ever :)

Sasha: I'd imagine it would be wonderful.

twinklingeyes: aww, thanks!

Maša said...

I watched I Capture the Castle on my birthday and I think that it was a perfect choice for such a day! I always dreamed about living in a castle (like many kids I guess). however, I felt a little ashamed that I was dreaming about a wealthy guy falling in love with me! :D I loved the landscape so much ... it made me wish to live in an era when Earth wasn't as populated as it is today so I could wander around without seeing a single soul in a day. I still have to read the book!

I'm watching Pride and Prejudice series now. the location where Darcy lives is breathtaking! it again made me a little angry that I was fantasizing about sexy & rich men. I don't really like this ideology cause it makes me feel masochistic, so I usually try to avoid that kind of literature and films. otherwise I enjoy the series immensely.