The Big List, II

in the sun

I've been staring at the sunlight and leaves from beyond my window, wishing the weekend was here already. But before it comes, here's a second instalment of my Big List, mainly because I've been collecting too many interesting things online that must be shared. Only more words this time, less visuals. First up, big news from me: my book has a publication date! 31st of August it is. August is also my birthday month - coincidence? I think not. The book has been added to my publisher's site, The Book Depository, Amazon UK, Amazon, and other places. I admit, my heart pounded when I saw it. It's a strange feeling, almost like everything is becoming 'real' all of a sudden.

A round-up of thanks ...

Sometimes I think I don't thank people enough for their support, kindness and engagement with my blog. So here's a small token of my appreciation:

: : A long overdue thank you to Jen for this post, and also a huge hug of support. What a brave post.

: : Thanks Diana for having me! And thanks so much to everyone who commented on this post, it put a smile on my face. Have you checked out the other guest posts?

: : Thank you Jane and Tamera for engaging so thoughtfully and intelligently with this post. The discussions and comments raised were important to read.

: : A huge thank you to Amy for sending me this print in the mail. It was a lovely surprise, you're a pal.

: : Thanks Lynn for my beautiful package containing our little project, as well as other wonderful tidbits.

: : And thanks Sundari for posting about your exhibition programme, with my essay.

A round-up of various thought-provoking articles, posts and words I've collected ...

: : A good story by Gracia, and another one by Louise.

: : Some lovely pas de deux by Anabela on her shiny new blog designed by Kate.

: : I wrote about Robot Ballerinas for Behind Ballet, and talked to the artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman about his Coppélia Project.

: : Derailing for Dummies (an article I shall refer to every time I get asked to 'prove' that sexism exists).

: : Dear Blogger: You have value. Please work for us for free.

: : A thousand reasons we need feminism.

: : The militarisation of Australia and the democratisation of hate.

: : Why women should be more difficult.

: : Ancient Japanese Fart Scrolls (yep, you read right).

: : He's only saying what we're all thinking.

: : No Place for a Woman: Female Fiction.

And before you go ...

: : The trailer for On the Road. I'm just a little too excited about this:

: : Lastly, I've been meaning to mention these animal organisations ever since I wrote this post: SAFE Pets, The Donkey Sanctuary and The Beagle Freedom Project. I've also listed other organisations I support on my sidebar.

I'm sure I've missed thanking some people or linking articles I meant to, so you'll have to forgive me if I did. Have a great weekend everyone.