Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition


Last night, a few friends of mine convinced me to enter The Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition. I was reluctant to enter because I tried last year and failed miserably. My little blog had to compete with big name blogs, some of which are run by famous people. Considering the amount of great and better-known blogs out there, I think I was a bit delusional in thinking I could win anything. This sounds defeatist, I know. I'm not, I'm just trying not to get my hopes up this year.

My blog is now officially nominated in two categories: the commentary category, which is chosen by a judge, and the People's Choice Award category, which is chosen by the public and readers. The categories chosen by judges are ostensibly awarded based on the quality of the writing on the blog. Since this is a writing competition, I hope that's what the People's Choice Award will be based on too, but I know that realistically, it will be based more on popularity. So I would really love your support when it comes to voting for this.

The voting officially commences for the People's Choice Award on 13 April, 2012, and once it's open, I'll write a post with details on how to vote. But in the meantime, any support you can give me by spreading the word and showing some love for my blog would be much appreciated!

I should mention the reason I'm entering this competition. I'm not one for blog competitions because I realise they're primarily based on popularity. My blog is probably never going to be a 'big name' blog. That's okay, I've always been cool with that. The reason I'm putting myself out there for this competition however is because winning it would give me the opportunity to take some writing courses at The Sydney Writers' Centre. I know from fellow writer friends that they've found such courses enormously helpful for their writing careers, as well as a great personal opportunity to connect with other writers and mentors. That's my aim. Although I know my chances of winning in either categories are rather slim, I have to try.