The Big List

Friday, 13 January 2012


Since I'm a prolific list-maker, I've compiled a visual list of things that have been distracting and delighting me, and generally keeping me occupied. First up, my good friends Laura and Jo have opened up a new etsy shop called Half/Half which includes 1950s-style clothes named after song titles. How clever is that? Read all about their new venture here and here.

Places I've been dreaming of living in ...




: : Pitsou Kedem Architect, Jaffa Apartement Project, found via Tel Aviv Art and Design Experiment.




: : Apartment, Paris 6th District - Saint Germain des Près/Visconti, via Emile Garcin Properties.

All things literary ...


: : Yelena's beautiful tribute to Mr. Murakami, on his 63rd birthday.


: : My copy of Neo-Victorian Families arrived, along with my essay enclosed in its pages.



: : Books I'm reading, re-reading and looking forward to reading. From top to bottom, left to right:

-Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.
-The Secret History by Donna Tartt.
-A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.
-Horoscopes for the Dead by Billy Collins.
-The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes.
-The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst.

Things that have been making me giggle, and nod my head in agreement ...


: : Bored to Death.


: : Gilmore Girls.


: : Black Books.

And before I go ...


: : Some posts of mine you may have missed here and here on Behind Ballet.

Also, a huge thank you for the wonderfully kind response to this post, especially to Kate, Jane and Diana for blogging about it. I almost didn't post these resolutions because I thought my writing was crappy. Just goes to show I have no perspective about myself, so I defer to your better judgement.

I'm going to be extremely busy over the next two weeks, so I apologise in advance if I don't always have the time to respond to your comments here and emails as promptly as I would like. The stress will soon be over though! Happy weekend everyone.


anabela / fieldguided said...

I was just thinking about The Secret History! I was wondering what happened to the film adaptation... that book meant a lot to me when I first read it, while I took breaks from endless Latin homework.

Jamie said...

Just how nice does that first house look? And I don't think I need to say a word about the excellence of Black Books.
By the way, my copy of ...In-Between should be ordered by the time you next blog, woooooo etc xx

jodeska said...

You're wonderful. That is all. x

rooth said...

Ahh Hila! You should be so proud of your essay (at least I am of you)!

See Hear Say said...

means a lot to me. thanks so much and have a great weekend! x

Jen said...

I own the Gilmore Girls DVD boxed set. I watch it all the time. Shhhhh....

Thea said...

Words do not describe how lovely this is. I am trying to tidy my room so the beautiful apartment pictures struck a chord. (I also especially like the Gilmore quote as I just got my Amazon order today!) x

Christine said...

Beautiful list. I always love to see what you are reading. Have a nice weekend!

Jess said...

Love those skirts!! plus Gilmore girls:) that series just doesn't die for me!
Jess x

Jen said...

Me too (love seeing what people are reading). I've never read The Secret History even though I have borrowed it from countless libraries. I must make the effort next time to actually read it.

Tracey said...

Gosh, so much loveliness you've gathered here Hila ... you've provided fashionable temptation, locations to dream on, books to lose oneself in, and things to giggle over ... a perfect collection.

Is there anything better than having lots and lots of books arrive on the doorstep? ;)

PS. Happy new year. xx

SARAH said...

Thanks for the visual excitement fest! And the book recs. That Susan Cain book looks especially intriguing. I've been wondering about introverts on the job market and their seeming disadvantage, so perhaps this book will shed some light.

Maša said...

I thought Murakami was much younger. :) congrats on your feature!

twinkilingeyes said...

this is a rich list to go through...i love the idea of naming the skirts with Beatles songs....but my favorite has to be the ballet link at the end of the's just so beautiful!!!
thank you for today's list :)

Chuck said...

Love those skirts but, more importantly, congratulations on the essay! It looks really interesting. Would love to read it but just looked on Amazon and, phew, it is expensive. Pity. x

Natalie said...

What a wonderful list! I absolutely love all the places that you want to live. Who wouldn't?

How exciting to see your words in print. I can't imagine what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction it must be. I hope to have that feeling one day.

And books, books, books! So glad you listed the books you are reading. I am definitely going to put these on my list this year! :)

fifth floor apartment said...

those skirts! gilmore girls! billy collins! (he's my favorite writer of any kind and i went to a reading a couple months ago...incredible experience). you're awesome.

xo alison

If Jane said...

congrats!!! clap clap clap!!! xxn

chop and crop said...

Your writing is always lovely, this list is wonderful! I've gone through it at least 5 times already.

Tana said...

that`s a pretty good selection! happy weekend to you Hila, and unsressed weeks of work

Kultur und Stil said...

I just found your blog and i was instantly very impressed by these beautiful photo series! Then I read your profile and was even more pleased to find a fellow academic in this huge blogging world - and in between another book lover! I'm more into french than english books (i studied french litterature as minor subject at university) but now that I have some free time (well I don't have exactly free time but well...) I wanted to read some more english book of my favorite time "fin de siècle" or late nineteenth century/beginning of the 20th century.
I followed you, and I will have a look at your other blog (I have to admit ballet is nothing I know very well... I'm more into classical music, opera and theatre) and hope to read many new posts from you this year!
have a great sunday - or well, you are in australia so - I hope you had a great sunday,
xxx Anita

HomeCollection. said...

Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking.
I need this book.

Ana said...

I haven't read any of the books on your list so I'll put them on my Amazon books wishlist :)

And that pic of Bored to Death... brilliant! x

Rambling Tart said...

I love those wonderfully bright and airy places. Especially with a water view. :-)

Sarah said...

i LOVE your list, hila! i really do! that apartment looks absolutely gorgeous and those skirts are too lovely. :)

don't forget to take a break in between your busyness! have a lovely week! xx

hila said...

anabela: there was a film adaptation in the works? that would have been so cool.

jamie: oh thanks, I hope you like it!

jo: why thank you.

rooth: thanks!

laura: my pleasure!

jen: me too, shhhh ...

thea: if only tidying a room up would make my place look like this.

christine: thanks!

jess: the skirts are indeed lovely.

jen: I really recommend the secret history.

tracey: nope, there's nothing better than a book delivery.

sarah: I'm really interested in that book as well, and I do think introverts tend to have it harder in the workplace, which is generally geared toward extroverts.

masa: thank you!

twinklingeyes: my pleasure.

chuck: yeah, I know, I don't set the price unfortunately. I do think it defeats the purpose to make books so expensive that most people can't afford to buy them. But the book will probably be in many libraries soon, so people can borrow it instead.

natalie: I hope you have that feeling too :)

alison: thank you!

nancy: aww, thanks :)

chop and crop: thanks!

tana: ah, if only.

anita: hi there, I'm glad to find another academic on the net :)

homecollection: me too.

ana: I love that bored to death quote, it summarises how I feel most of the time.

rambling tart: jaffa is so beautiful, I wish I had a house there.

sarah: thanks!

hungryandfrozen said...

The Secret History! If you have capacity for one extra book in your list, I absolutely adored Tartt's novel The Little Friend.

Those skirts are beautiful, I love that they're using song titles as well!

Thanks for linking to your ballet writing - I hadn't read the bun one and can't wait to.

Sigh, Black Books <3

hila said...

hungryandfrozen: I haven't read the little friend, I'll give it a try.