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Friday, 16 December 2011


I wanted to share a few bits and pieces I've been collecting on my various internet places (or shall we call them, endless forms of procrastination): Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Other Blogs. Occasionally, I stumble upon things too great not to share here.

: : I wrote a guest post for The Australian Film Institute's blog on the film, Somersault. I hope you enjoy!


: : This amazing telegraph, featuring Tolstoy.


: : This beautiful photo of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes with their first child. I love how young and vulnerable Plath looks here.


: : 101 ways to use a cat: Bookmark, taken by roxeteer. Cute and functional.

: : These extracts from Emma Thompson’s diaries while shooting Sense and Sensibility, from The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries (sent to me by Marina). Here are some of my favourites:

WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL: Paparazzi arrived for Hugh [Grant]. We had to stand under a tree and smile for them.

Photographer: ‘Hugh, could you look less - um - ’

Hugh: ‘Pained?’

SATURDAY 13 MAY: Overheard later:

Kate: ‘Oh God, my knickers have gone up my arse.’

Alan [Rickman]: ‘Ah. Feminine mystique strikes again.’

SATURDAY 3 JUNE: Very nice lady served us drinks in hotel and was followed in by a cat. We all crooned at it. Alan to cat (very low and meaning it): ‘Fuck off.’ The nice lady didn’t turn a hair. The cat looked slightly embarrassed but stayed.

THURSDAY 22 JUNE: Noon. Finish scene with Alan.

Me: ‘Oh! I’ve just ovulated.’

Alan (long pause): ‘Thank you for that.’


: : New edition of Brick Magazine (found via Jane). I especially like Grant Buday's essay, ‘Old Paper’. Here's an extract:

Not that I’ve anything against e-books and Kindles. Some day I’ll likely buy one and be thoroughly impressed. But can you throw it at the cat or flatten a roach, can you hide things in it, use it as a filing system, or dribble wax onto the back cover and stick a candle on it to enhance the atmosphere of a faraway room and, in those flickering shadows, make love?


: : This Mitchell and Webb Pride and Prejudice Parody.

And lastly, thank you so much everyone for your amazing comments on my Synesthesia and the Way We See Colour post below. Your responses are truly fascinating. Have a great weekend everyone.


Jane Flanagan said...

Yay - The Brick is amazing. Lemme know if you want me to mail you a copy! Every issue is precious to me.

Amy said...

You find such interesting (and funny) pieces. The Emma Thompson diary excerpts had me in stitches (and wishing I could hang out with her & Alan Rickman for a day).

Emily Vanessa said...

Thanks for all these great links. That Tolstoy telegram blows me away, so poignant as is the photo of Plath and Hughes. I remember listening to an interview with them both sounding so young and Sylvia talking about how being a poet was just like a normal job. I'd love the ry the cat bookmark but already know that none of ours would accept doing that. A pity because it's also a good way to stay warm!

Joy said...

Loved this list. If you don't mind, I have "tagged" you here: :)

Jen said...

Hi Hila,
Enjoyed this post immensely and agree with the above - I shall be investigating Emma`s close ups to see if her hangover is obvious.


Kat said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

I'm starting a new photo project in case you're interested:

Happy holidays!

P R I M O E Z A said...

Emma Thompson made me laugh :) also loved your previous post. What a wonderful gift.

sight said...

The Emma Thompson diary entries are brilliant, when I read the parts spoken by Alan Rickman, I can't help but mimic him in my head.

B said...

Definitely too good not to share here. I'm glad you did, Hila. Thank you! I think the telegraph might be my favourite thing in this post, although it is all wonderful and brilliant.

B said...

(Ps, I agree with Sight - I read Alan Rickman's parts in my head imitating his magnificent voice. Everyone needs a bit of Alan Rickman's voice to enhance their lives.)

Danielle P. said...

That "Old Paper" essay is so wonderful! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves books as objects just as much as for their contents.

elliottwithlove said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Somersault. The film sounds very interesting, especially in its focus on storytelling through imagery and visual presentation, and I've put it on my list of movies to watch.

I read the excerpts by Emma Thompson, and OH MY WORD they were hysterically funny. Thanks a lot for sharing that!

Hotly Spiced said...

Emma is so clever. What great diary extracts. And a great movie too. Love Jane Austen.

Tana said...

this 101 ways to use a cat: Bookmark is hilarious, it made me laugh when i saw it on pinterest. it`s a pity that i haven`t got a cat, my dog is now too big to be a bookmark :)hope you had a great weekend, Hila!

louise said...

Top procrastination picks, especially the cat bookmark. Now I'm off to read your guest post which I'm sure will be a treat. xolj

Felix Curds said...

howdy hila, how have you been? i love this post especially those snippets of alan rickman zingers- gosh he's great haha! ...wowzers i have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, i look forward to it really;)

hila said...

jane: thank you again! you're a total pal for sending me a copy.

amy: I'd like to hang out with them too, but they're too cool for me.

emily vanessa: my cat is too fat to be a bookmark. but he is a nice lap-warmer.

joy: oh thank you for the tag! I will get to it sometime next year as I'm on a blog break now :)

jen: haha, I tried to do that too! I didn't notice though.

kat: thanks!

primoeza/elizabeth: thank you elizabeth.

sight: me too, I imagine his voice.

b.: yes, everyone needs a bit of alan :)

danielle: you're definitely not the only one.

elliottwithlove: thank you! I put a lot of thought into that guest post.

hotly spiced: yes, emma's wit almost matches austen's wit.

tana: my cat is too big too - plus I think he'd object to being used thusly :)

louise: I hope it's a treat for you louise. xo

felix curds: hello! how are you feeling, post-exams?

rebecca said...

gah! kitty! what a cutie.

hila said...

rebecca: that's exactly what I thought!