Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It is easy to love you
because you are light
like a ball I roll on
the floor
diagonally, back and forth
till you hit the side of the
wall with a protracted

It is easy to sink into you
because you are like dampness in
the bottom strands of my
stubbornly dripping a trail
on my toes.

It is easy to want you
because we are apart
and your skin and the crumpled side of
your bed
are now tokens of unreasonable fondness
that linger like a glass of milk
on your bedside table
with its ring of mould festering,

It is easy to need you
because I am all awake in the dark,
counting the sounds my fingers
on the side of my thigh.

* * *

Words by me.

I've set myself a small challenge for Poetry Wednesday poems: to be brave and share even those poems of mine that I find unbearably cliche, personal and honest; and to leave them unadorned - no images, no protective cover of beautiful pictures to take the edge off. I hope this isn't just pure silliness, and I hope you enjoy.


erica lorraine scheidt said...

it's wonderful. thank you.

rooth said...

Thank you sharing and being brave

nancy said...

oh wow, it's beautiful! thank you for sharing :)

Amy said...

thank you.

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

oh it's so great!

Marie said...

very much ;)

Luci said...

Lovely Hila

Tana said...

enjoyed,enjoyed very much !

mika @ Blue and the Girl said...

Beautiful Hila - words and you are very fine friends indeed!

Jessica Sue said...

It's not silly. I wish I had the courage!

Anonymous said...


Ana said...

It's beautiful. And I love the poetry Wednesday idea. Yeah!

Alyce said...

this is a lovely idea hila

Olga said...

I really liked this poem. Especially the rhythm. Although I can`t be objective, because poetry to me is something from another planet.

Kate said...

Beautiful, Hila.

Danya said...

This is absolutely, absolutely beautiful.

Sarah said...

i think it's really lovely, your writing. :) sometimes posts without pictures have their very own impact as well, nothing silly about it. wished i could write as well as you did though!

p/s: there's a giveaway happening over at my blog. x

amy said...

you've inspired me
the poem is haunting - truly haunting.

you've somehow created a poem that echoes my heart.

very beautiful.

sending you happy spells
hope to hear from you..x

Sasha said...

This is wonderful. My favorite part is the last stanza. The image is so powerful to me.

SARAH said...

every line a syntactic/verbal surprise (you are light / like the ball I roll on). lovely, lovely.

nikaela marie said...

This is very beautiful and good. Xxx

ps. I am curious, have you read "Nightwoods" yet? I remember you love cold mountain?

hila said...

Thank you guys, your comments are so kind. To be honest, I'm surprised at the positive response to this poem. But I am my own harshest critic.

nikaela marie: no I haven't read it yet, I should though. Yes, I loved Cold Mountain, it's very well written.

andrea despot said...

It definitely isn't silly! And who cares if it sounds cliché (my own fear when writing something I THINK is profound and original) as long as it's honest. And I love it. Such a lonely poem. I love the imagery of the glass of milk. For a visual person such as myself, it really stands out.

hila said...

andrea: thanks!

Sally said...

The third stanza = love, I relate very strongly!

hila said...

sally: I suspect a lot of people do :)