It is easy to love you
because you are light
like a ball I roll on
the floor
diagonally, back and forth
till you hit the side of the
wall with a protracted

It is easy to sink into you
because you are like dampness in
the bottom strands of my
stubbornly dripping a trail
on my toes.

It is easy to want you
because we are apart
and your skin and the crumpled side of
your bed
are now tokens of unreasonable fondness
that linger like a glass of milk
on your bedside table
with its ring of mould festering,

It is easy to need you
because I am all awake in the dark,
counting the sounds my fingers
on the side of my thigh.

* * *

Words by me.

I've set myself a small challenge for Poetry Wednesday poems: to be brave and share even those poems of mine that I find unbearably cliche, personal and honest; and to leave them unadorned - no images, no protective cover of beautiful pictures to take the edge off. I hope this isn't just pure silliness, and I hope you enjoy.