Why I Adore the Night, I

why i adore the night challenge

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted so far to my “Why I Adore the Night” Challenge, including those who have sent me links and posted about the challenge on their own blogs. It's just been so lovely to speak to you all and see what you come up with. I've also been getting emails asking me whether I'm still accepting submissions and my answer is: of course I am, feel free to send along anything you like for the challenge.

So in no particular order, here are the first five contributions:

: : Yelena Bryksenkova

When I think of nighttime, three different kinds - the most comforting, for me - come immediately to mind:


The silent, pitch-black night in the country. when the air is crisp and clear, the sky is covered with a dazzling display of stars, and crickets start to sing, I feel like I could live forever.


The mysterious, twinkling night in the city, when I imagine the lives inside of warmly lit windows. On a perfect city night, loneliness can seem like the greatest feeling in the world.


And finally, the most mysterious night of all: the cold and endless night of outer space.

I'm a huge fan of Yelena's work, so I was thrilled to receive these illustrations in my inbox. Yelena also blogged her contribution on her own blog here.

: : Olga

why i adore the night_olga

Olga posted her wonderful contribution on her blog, Artful Nuance. It's beautiful and inventive, and I loved reading every word. Here's a small excerpt:

If you were to disregard the experiences of another person, as well as the traditional, historical and literary aspects of interpreting the night, my version would resemble the painting “The Moonlit Night Over the Dnieper” by Kuinji. You can take a long walk on such a peaceful, warm night, listening to the sounds that surround you, approaching and drifting away. In the night, movement seems more serene, and each insignificant sound becomes bigger and impossible to ignore.

If you travel down the narrow way towards the river and lie on your stomach on the wooden pier, you can put your hand into the water, which has been warmed by the sun during the day, feeling it travel in endless motion towards the places you would like to explore.

Read the rest here.

: : Mika Pediaditis

Mika from Blue and the Girl sent me this beautiful poem, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading:

Spring night

she’s resting warm upon
us now
solid spring Night

we’re all open chested and
head high
– each
time her darkness falls
lively through the shadows

we’ve been lured from our comfort cups
from the fire and yarn and reading
from strong wine spiced

she’s calling us with a different song now
changed – as she is
in the shifting
holding her limbs out long with fingers curling

she is beautiful this way
spirited with heat
“dance in me”
whispers the quiet of her
“dance with me”

and we do
we do -
Oh how we adore her

: : Laura Warecki

why i adore the night_laura

I adore the night because of the feeling of endlessness of time, sky, stars, moon, and ocean. What I would give to sail into the night, into a dream ...

Laura from Paper Taxi sent me this sweet little print, from her etsy shop. I would have to agree Laura, there are nights when I just want to sail away into the expanse of sky, stars and moon.

: : Sarah Allegra

why i adore the night_sarah

I personally do adore the night, and I tried to incorporate the things I love best in this self portrait; nature, a clear sky, cuddling with my husband, feeling safe and loved.

And last (but definitely not least), Sarah Allegra sent me this wonderfully warm and inviting self-portrait.

Aren't these contributions great? I really love this challenge. If you haven't already, feel free to contribute, and don't be shy.

Image credits: All images (and words) belong to their respective creators. If you choose to re-blog any of them, please give these lovely ladies the proper credit they deserve.