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Wednesday, 30 November 2011



I contributed an article to the latest issue of Underscore Magazine, the Fight Issue. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about publishing this article as it's one of the most personal things I've shared in print. Here's a peek at my article:

my article in the 'fight' issue of underscore magazine

my article in the 'fight' issue of underscore magazine

my article in the 'fight' issue of underscore magazine

my article in the 'fight' issue of underscore magazine

I'm a huge fan of Underscore Magazine, so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute (and I might be contributing to their next issue as well). Everything about this magazine, from its tone, writing, photography, approach and philosophy, appeals to me and my sensibility. This is the kind of magazine that appeals to both your senses and intelligence, that doesn't talk down to you or try to convince you to buy a zillion things you don't actually need, but speaks to your creativity, humanity and imagination. So I feel honoured to be a (small) part of it.

Underscore Magazine also recently won the President╩╝s Design Award, Singapore╩╝s most prestigious design accolade. If you look through just a small sample of its pages, you'll know why. Here are a few of the other great articles in the latest issue:













You can pick up a copy of Underscore Magazine on their online shop, and read more about it here.

All images are copyrighted to Underscore Magazine, all rights reserved.


Joy said...

this magazine looks absolutely beautiful. to see your work in print must be the loveliest feeling.

Petra said...

interesting magazine, and beautifully designed, thanks for intorducing it to me :)

Danielle P. said...

This is the kind of magazine that appeals to both your senses and intelligence, that doesn't talk down to you or try to convince you to buy a zillion things you don't actually need, but speaks to your creativity, humanity and imagination.

Your writing is a perfect fit for this magazine, then! Congratulations, Hila!

Pink Bunny said...

Congratulations on your publication! Wish I could access the website to order a copy...

Melancholy Swan said...

Congratulations! I would love to read your entire essay! The magazine looks wonderful, but is expensive.

Olga said...

I always find something interesting on your blog. Not only ideas, but also new events, which always bring me food for thought.

P R I M O E Z A said...

congrats hila. this is one of my very favourite publications.

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Way to go you! I am enjoying dropping by and seeing what you have been up to. It has been a while - sorry!

M Violetta said...

Wonderful Hila - I would love to read the rest of your essay. I especially enjoyed your reflections and insight into how your body responds to its meeting with words... thank you for introducing this publication!

Nastya said...

the magazine looks awesome, I wish it would be a bit cheaper.

naomemandeflores said...

The magazine's graphic design is amazing. No wonder they won that award. So good!

Camila Faria

B said...

The magazine looks beautiful and your article - or what I can read of it - is magnificent. You are a tremendous writer and really a fascinating person. You somehow manage to write about, and in the most elegant way, those things that are only ever vague and hazy notions in my mind. Reading your blog gives me a kind of clarity. I love it.

aldrin said...

congrats, hila! this is lovely

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

you are fabulous! congrats hila! seems like a lovely publication. xx

Kimia Kline said...

congratulations! thats so exciting :)

hila said...

joy: it is a lovely feeling :)

petra: my pleasure.

danielle: thanks danielle!

pink bunny: oh no, is their website down?

melancholy swan: yes, but it's more like a book than a magazine, so it seems worth the price.

olga: thank you olga.

primoeza/elizabeth: I noticed you blogged about it recently. It's become one of my favourites too, and not just because I'm in it now :)

the above fore-mentioned/fiona: oh that's okay, I know you've been busy. I hope you're fine and dandy!

m violetta: thank you, I'm impressed you were able to read the small excerpt :)

nastya: yes, I do know it's probably too exensive for some, which is totally understandable. But at least you can have a peek online.

camila: isn't it great? I love the whole tone and style of this magazine.

b.: wow, that's quite a compliment, thank you! I'm not sure I deserve it though, there are way more fascinating people in the world.

aldrin: thanks so much!

nancy: you're fabulous too, Ms Famous Movie Director ;)

kimia kline: it is pretty exciting for me.

gracia said...

Congratulations! You and underscore magazine seem a perfect fit. I will make my way over to their online shop this early evening and treat myself. It's been a long day, and I am most tempted.

Tana said...

Agree, this magazine looks very beautiful! congratulations, Hila! :)

hila said...

gracia: thank you! I hope you treat yourself with other lovely things.

tana: thank you :)

Kelly said...

The magazine looks gorgeous, inspiring and completely like my kind of thing. I hope to get my hands on a physical copy..and to read your essay.

hila said...

thank you kelly :)

andrea despot said...

Hila! Congrats on the article! I started reading the first page and wish I could read the rest but the pages are too small to read. You probably did this on purpose, but it doesn't hurt to ask if I'm able to read the rest somewhere else? Or would I need to purchase the magazine? Though I understand the importance of supporting the magazine, unfortunately $40 is too much for me to spend right now. Regardless, I was really drawn by your words. You're such a wonderful writer, so fluid and almost magical. I always feel that I'm transported to a soft, dimly lit room in the middle of the country whenever I read your writings, which is probably why your blog is my favorite. And I feel that I can relate to what you're talking about in the article; I feel that I remember things a certain way because of what I was reading at the time, what distant world I was immersed in rather than my own. I even almost mistake some fictional memories for my own, they are so imbedded in my conscience.

Again, congrats!

hila said...

andrea: I would love to post the whole article online, but I don't feel comfortable doing this since this is a publication I wrote for someone else, not for my blog. I hope you understand. I'm sorry, I do realise that $40 is a bit much for some people at the moment, and I'm certainly not pressuring anyone to buy it. But I have to respect the publication in which it was published. Thanks so much for your kind words!

andrea despot said...

I completely understand and respect that! I figured that was why, just thought I'd ask :)

hila said...

andrea: and I completely understand why you asked, and get where you're coming from :)