Friday, 18 November 2011










Lately, I've been ... watching the sky : : receiving lovely things in the mail (thank you Niina for the mittens and book) : : contemplating ballet and picnics together : : spending time with my cool cat : : enjoying the sunshine on my skin and on the water : : going to the beach : : taking mini trips within Perth : : tinkering with a lovely film camera : : actually enjoying the warmer weather.

So maybe there is something to be said for this whole summer thing. But I reserve the right to start complaining when it becomes too hot to sleep.

Before you go, just a few more things and links ...

Thank you Jen! This is just about the sweetest post : : I contributed to a post on misogyny on the internet on Meanjin blog, have a read here : : I noticed the other day that some comments from bloggy friends have been marked as spam by blogger's automatic comment filter. I'm sorry about this guys, these comments have now been published : : This beautiful little kitten needs a home, read her story here (and please spread the word) : : I mentioned a while ago on Twitter that I wish there was a perfume that smelled like books. Well, here you go : : You may have noticed the freelance badge on my sidebar. I'm planning on launching a far more professional freelance writing/editing website next year with some writing buddies, but in the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm available for all manner of freelance writing work, so feel free to contact me : : And lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who sent me an email about my 1Q84 novel review. I've never received so many emails about a book review in my life.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Rambling Tart said...

Love these beautiful photos. :-) It's been so wicked hot all week here in Queensland, but today it has cooled off wondrously and I'm SO happy. :-)

rooth said...

Have a fantastic one - enjoy the warmer weather!

Danielle P. said...

Awww, your cat looks absolutely adorable!
Having just launched my professional website, I'm glad to learn that you're "going public" with your freelance writing. :-)

Monica said...

so nice to see aussie trees again.

enjoy your heat, i have it again (after 13yrs in UK) where we are now. too hot!! but when it's good, it's wonderful.

M Violetta said...

Reading the post on misogyny on the internet and the stories of those who contributed to the discussion was disturbing and saddening... I am quite new to this realm having only just started my blog a few months ago - but i guess it is not surprising that people who are hateful, small in their bullying and persistent in their viciousness - will be excited by the opportunities to do so via the digital mediums...
Discussions like these are heartening - we wont make it easy for them!!!

..... the first image - love!

Tana said...

Have a wonderful weekend,Hila! :)

Ana said...

I've been so far enjoying a lot the spring weather but it is getting really warm... I'm afraid of summer to say the truth.

Lovely images. Which camera did you get? :)

Nancy Baric *negfilm said...

everything looks so lovely...and enjoy your weekend.
good luck with freelancing!!!

B said...

Skywatching is a favourite past-time and that first photograph is absolutely breath-taking.

Jane Flanagan said...

Have a great weekend!

Dr Spamalot said...

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rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

naomemandeflores said...

Oh, that sweet, adorable cat! I wish I could adopt her! Love the clouds on that beach pic. So pretty!

Camila Faria

Sally said...

Lovely, dreamy photos Hila! <3

Sandra said...

amazing photos, love them, they remind me of warmer weather and it's a good feeling because now it's so cold and sad.

Umi said...

Beautiful photos! :) I wish I could take photos like yours too. :D

Susanna-Cole King said...

Summer is wonderful, it's just when the heat becomes oppressive that, unless Im at the sea, I suffer and am rather grumpy about it.

Thanks for your lovely comment, Hila. How's the book coming along? Please don't worry about the writers' society, not that it's been forgotten, but I've found my self unfortunately and awfully busy lately, so it's been a bit delayed. It will arrive when it's ready, whenever that is.

Hope you're well. <3

fifth floor apartment said...

that first photo is so ethereal. love it.


xo Alison

Olga said...

The photos are exceptionally beautiful. I can feel the breeze of calmness drifting out of them. Thank you for the post.

Niina said...

I like yuor photography very much. Actually as much as your writing. You´re a rare talent on the web you know :-)

hila said...

rambling tart: it's going to start getting hot today in perth. I'm comfortable with warm, not hot. Oh well, ...

rooth: thanks!

danielle: he is adorable, I love him to bits. I'm actually a bit nervous about this whole, 'going professional' thing, not sure how it'll turn out.

monica: I just wish I could control the hot weather from escalating to uncomfortable temperatures. If I could do that, summer and I would get along pretty well.

m. violetta: I wish I could say I was surprised by the level of misogyny on the net, but unfortunately, I've come to expect it.

tana: thank you tana!

ana: I'm scared of summer too, so I'm trying to delude myself into enjoying it. So far it's working, but it'll probably wear off when it just becomes relentlessly hot. I didn't get a new camera, just borrowed one from my friend. I honestly can't remember its model.

nancy: thanks nancy, here's hoping that it helps me ease off some of my full time and side work.

b: the colours in Australian skies, especially at sunset and sunrise, are just spectacular.

jane: thanks Jane!

gwyneth, aka, Dr Spamalot: challenge completed! Your spam is more witty than most spam :)

rental mobil: my pleasure, and thanks.

camila: you'll be pleased to hear that nadia is keeping her, so she has a new home.

sally: thanks sally!

umi: their beauty lies more in the camera used and the awesome sunshine, rather than my skills :) I'm definitely not a photographer.

susanna-cole: I agree, the worst is when it's so hot and humid at night. I'm more of a winter person, but summers are so long in Australia, so I end up being grumpy a lot of the time.

yes, I'm awfully busy, so the writers society will have to wait. The book is nearly done, but so many last minute things to do! Hope you're doing well :)

alison: thank you, I love that one too.

olga: I'll be staring at them when I start to hate summer, and hopefully feel the breeze in them too.

niina: that's so sweet niina, thank you. You know, honestly, sometimes I read through my blog and wonder why anyone bothers to read it.

Lucy said...

Lovely things, adore your kitty!
I neeed to see a ballet asap, I long for dance!

hila said...

he's a pretty sweet kitty :)