reading material

It's been a tough week for me, personally. I don't speak about my personal life on this blog, because I'm essentially a private person. But I've reached a state of exhaustion where I simply have to confess, it's been a bad week. I've been grateful for words so much over the past few days. I've retreated into them, clung to them. These are the days when I'm convinced that writing isn't just a series of abstract letters, but is solid flesh and bones.

Can I ask anyone who reads this blog a huge favour? If you do send me an email, please consider that there is a similarly solid human being behind the writing on this blog. I don't want to curb the emails I get, or seem ungrateful, it's just I sometimes think people forget there is a person behind these posts. On weeks like this one where I'm already feeling vulnerable for other reasons, I struggle to comprehend the point of emails telling me that someone doesn't have time to read long posts. It's your prerogative not to read my posts, that's fine. It's also your prerogative to primarily derive pleasure from the images I display here, rather than the words. I don't dictate to people how to enjoy blogs. But it's my prerogative to feel entirely discouraged when you choose to send me an email blithely stating these things, as if writing means nothing to me. Let's keep our kind hats on, please. I do have feelings. I sometimes wonder whether it's wise to even raise such a topic publicly. But this is my little haven after all, and I think it's fair to request courtesy.

A few things have made me feel quite grateful though over the past week. Erica from Royal Quiet Deluxe asked me to participate in her regular Tuesday interviews with writers, and of course, I agreed. I really enjoyed this interview because Erica's questions made me think. And thanks to The Green Apple Core for posting this interview on their blog. Have a read here. Also, Diana posted about the collaborative music mix she asked a bunch of other bloggers and I to participate in. I really enjoyed everyone's picks. My contribution is Crowded House's 'Private Universe'. I love the video clip for this song too. And when you're watching it, listen to the lyrics and how they interact with the images. Magic.

P.S. Despite the somewhat gloomy tone of this post, for which I apologise, I am still astounded by the thoughtful comments on this blog, and the wonderful people it has put me in touch with. I will concentrate on that, rather than the negative aspects.