A Special Fundraiser


This beautiful print, which I have just bought, is part of a special fundraiser being organised by Kate Miss from For Me, For You. You may have read Kate's post in which she talked about her boyfriend Will's recent cancer diagnosis. I personally had to fight feelings of rage that they were not only facing such a scary health problem, but also, financial difficulty in paying for hospital bills. It shouldn't be like this. I really have no idea what the health care system is like in America, but this is just wrong.

Kate has organised an online fundraiser to help cover the costs of hospital bills through her etsy shop, which is filled with a lovely array of beautiful prints. Please read Kate's post, in which she explains the reasons for this fundraiser much better than I am here. I think Jane summed it up perfectly when she commented on this post, thanking Kate for letting us help. I couldn't agree more. It's really hard to ask for help, and I have to totally admire the mature, dignified and brave way Kate and Will are handling this.

Please visit Kate's shop and blog to show your support. And feel free to spread the word about this fundraiser as every little bit helps. Hang in there Kate and Will, we're all behind you.