A Few Things

a few things

So I'll be immersed in my writing again for the rest of the week. You're probably getting sick of me talking about my book, but I'm finally getting to the stage of light at the end of the tunnel. I even finalised the cover image with my publisher, so exciting! I wanted to leave you with one more post for the week, with a few things, and also, a question I have for anyone who reads this blog:

: : Claire from We Love Perth and co-owner of one of my favourite stores in Perth, Ruck Rover, has interviewed me for the We Love Perth Blog. She also co-wrote a pretty fabulous Perth city guide recently for Design*Sponge, which I simply adored. I sometimes get emails about where I live, and basically, her guest post with Jelena for Design*Sponge sums it all up. Read my interview here.

: : I was quite stunned to see my feminism post being blogged and re-blogged on tumblr. Some of the discussions it's started have really surprised me. I also received a record number of emails about this post from people. So I wanted to say a small thank you, in the form of virtual flowers. Also, thanks again to Yolanda Domínguez for this interview.

: : I received a lovely package in the mail from Anabela, it made my day. I've had my eye on one of her totes for a while, and I'm happy to finally have one of my own. What I particularly love about this tote is that it's quite soft, and the screen printing is done so professionally. This bag is my new favourite. Thanks so much Anabela.

: : Although I pretty much love everything Diana blogs, I have a soft spot for her post on her friends' wedding. And I'm going to use this opportunity to shamelessly suggest that if you're also a fan of her blog, then you might like to consider sponsoring it, as she recently decided to go ahead with blog sponsorship.

I completely understand her motivations for doing so. I've been contemplating the same thing. I love blogging, I think it's a real creative outlet in a world where creativity is so often limited and hampered. There have been days when my blog has pulled me out of a really bad mood and allowed me to have a voice. What can be better than that? I'm honestly not sure if my blog is ready for sponsorship, I'm still debating with myself whether it's good enough. Please note, this is not an invitation for ego-stroking, I'm not fishing for compliments, but for honesty. So my question is, do you think sponsorship is a viable step for my blog? I.e. would you ever consider advertising here? I'm seeking honest answers, so if you'd prefer to email me rather than comment here, that's cool.

There are so many things I want to do with this blog, but I am limited both time-wise and financially. It would be nice, as Diana points out in her own post, to relieve some of the daily pressures (bills, etc.) to devote more time to this blog and allow it to develop. But I'm just not sure if this blog is 'ready', so let me know what you think. Diana's blog, of course, is more than ready. She's one cool lady, so spread the love and the word. Good luck Diana!

Image credits: all images are by me, except for the last one which is by Diana and can be found here.