Cosiness and Space

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I write this sitting in someone else's kitchen, too early in the morning, watching a line of light trying to escape from beneath the cover of curtains. This seems like the perfect time for such a post. This is my way of saying thank you for all the kindness and support. My post about the negative emails I've been getting left a bad taste in my mouth, like I was being ungrateful. I've been meaning to do a post on blogs that I enjoy for a while now, but I've realised I'm not very good at playing favourites. Basically, all the blogs on my blogroll are fantastic, so go forth and visit them.

Rather than picking out favourites then, I'd like to share some blogs that have quite simply attracted me to them lately because of their sense of cosiness and space; two contradictory qualities I'm drawn to. They're also run by intelligent, kind and lovely women.

: : Simple Village Girl, run by Siubhan:

There's something so gentle about Siubhan's blog, I always gravitate to it when I'm having a stressful day. And it's not just the beautiful images she presents, but her intelligent and sensitive perspective on them. Have a read of posts such as Nightlife, Unseasonal and Seascape, and you'll see what I mean.











: : Ill Seen, Ill Said, run by Jane:

What can I say about Jane and her wonderful blog? There's so much depth to her posts, which are often laden with a curiosity, openness, honesty and inquisitiveness. And she can take a mean picture. I have to confess to being totally enamoured with her shop, Coterie, as well. I've been browsing it regularly lately, adding things to the wish list in my mind.










: : Middle Grays, run by Niina:

I view Niina's blog as a somewhat undiscovered treasure, although I do hope you've heard of it before. If ever there is a blog that makes me feel calm as soon as I click on its link, it's this one. The glimpses into Niina's daily life and creative process just fascinate me, and on a personal level, Niina herself is such a supportive person. It's also hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy after you visit her shop and contemplate wearing her handmade mittens. What is it about looking at mittens and wool that's so comforting?









Image credits (from top to bottom): images 1-11 are by Siubhan, from her blog and flickr; images 12-20 are by Jane, from her blog and flickr; images 21-28 are by Niina, from her blog and flickr. All images are used with Siubhan, Jane and Niina's permission, so please give them proper credit by linking back to them, not me, if you choose to re-blog any of them. Thanks.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave me brownie recipes via twitter yesterday (at my request). I did receive them all, I just didn't have time to reply to everyone.


amy said...

What an enchanting post! Your writing is so clear, and beautiful sounding. As if I'm reading a poem.

I'm always happy finding creative blogs, and connecting with creative folks.

You seem so lovely and pure.

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Naomi Bulger said...

What glorious, serene, escape-worthy photographs. I am definitely going to check out all three blogs. Thank you. And I hope you are feeling happier!

nancy said...

oh wow... such beautiful blogs. your description of cosy is so appropriate - these blogs are written to be read curled up with a cup of hot tea under a blanket, as the rain falls heavily on your roof and windows.
they're classy and sophistocated and sweet. thank you!

rooth said...

That's a lovely way of sharing your sources of inspiration and thanking your friends, just lovely

Monica said...

i'm off to check one of them which is new to me.
i'm also drawn to the combo of cosy and openess.

odessa said...

ah..yes, i love both siubhan and niina's blogs, precisely for their calm and soothing spaces. now i'm off to check out jane's. ;)

and i'm sorry to hear about those negative emails. why people would take the time and even THINK about such things is beyond me.

i hope you're week is starting off well. *hugs*

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

How beautiful they all are, not sure how I managed to miss them until now!

See Hear Say said...

yay some new blogs to check out!

Sundari said...

All these blogs are wonderful, Hila. So warm. I really like your taste in blogs.

Jane Flanagan said...

I'm so very flattered to be included here - thank you Hila! I already know and love Siubhan's blog and I'm heading over to visit with Niina now!

Thanks again! xx

Sally said...

Very soothing choices! Gotta love all those seascape photos. :)

yelena bryksenkova said...

thank you so much for introducing these beautiful blogs! as soon as i saw the title of your post, i thought, "well, this is going to be right up my alley..." i can't wait to go peruse them.

p.s. i love "i capture the castle" :) it's on my small, personal list called "books that glow." i'm sure you'll understand such a concept

p.p.s. i've been meaning to tell you, i'm in LOVE with your arthurian romances post, i've read it over / looked at the pictures several times already. i'm looking for a way "in" right now. i got t.h. white's "the once and future king" from the library as a sort of introduction.


Siubhan said...

Thanks so much for featuring me here, Hila - I'm entirely bowled over by it, and feel very honoured!

I already know and love Jane's blog, but I had a little click through niina's this morning and fully intend to return - it looks lovely, and is definitely a undiscovered treasure.

naomemandeflores said...

Amazing indications Hila! I already know and love Jane's amazing blog and now I'm off to check the other two lovely ladies' blogs.

Camila Faria

Sasha said...

I'm so excited to schedule some time in to look at this blogs in depth! Thank you for sharing!

Tana said...

Thank you for discovering new spaces of cosiness&sense! there is such a sweet tone in the post, Hila :)

Niina said...

Thank you for this post and highlighting my space. I have found so many new places to virtually visit because of this post. I love your broadness of topics and the writing that goes with them. I am sorry it has brought you down.

Felix Curds said...

these are really wonderful! i will check them out:)

balladofseasons said...

I knew Simple Village Girl and Ill Seen, Ill Said, but Middle Grays is new to me. Currently digging it :) Thanks for sharing Hila! You have an amazing blog too!

tywo said...

These blogs are so calm.
Thanks for introducing me to new blogs.


Rambling Tart said...

Thank you so much for these new blogs to read. :-) Your descriptions of them "peaceful, beautiful pictures, etc" are just what I crave for inspiration each day. :-) I'm so sorry folks have sent you negative messages. Why oh why would someone waste their time tearing you down??!! I don't understand. Please, please keep writing and sharing your heart. You never, ever fail to inspire me. :-)

hila said...

amy: thank you!

naomi: I'm feeling better :)

nancy: that's exactly what I think about them.

rooth: I do hope it was an appropriate 'thank you'.

monica: I hope you enjoyed visiting the one which was new to you.

odessa: hugs back odessa, you're so sweet.

enia/maja: well, you shall miss no more! :)

see hear say/laura: hah, glad you like!

sundari: I pretty much like your taste in everything sundari.

jane: my pleasure jane, your blog deserves all the kind words I can muster.

sally: I know, seascapes are so soothing (hey look, I just used a whole bunch of 's' words in a row).

yelena: I know exactly what you mean! I need to do a review on 'i capture the castle' soon, I love that book. And "the once and future king" is so good, hope you're enjoying it.

siubhan: I'm honoured to have you on my blog, thanks :)

camila: they're all pretty fab, enjoy.

sasha: yes, schedule in some relaxation time, because that's how these blogs will make you feel.

tana: I wanted to do a 'feel good' post :)

niina: it's ok, I think those emails just came at a bad time. I need to stop focusing on the negative aspects.

felix curds: you'll love them, go forth and enjoy.

balladofseasons: thanks! and I'm glad you discovered niina's blog.

rambling tart: I don't understand either. I'm trying to ignore it, but I did think a note requesting courtesy was in order. Thanks so much for your kindness :)

Alice Olive said...

Agree with your description of the lovely Ill Seen, Ill Said. Her blog is one of my favourite things!

Ana said...

Wow! I've just discovered your blog and I love it, all of it :)

I'm adding you to my 'inspiration' blogroll. Have a nice Sunday!

hila said...

alice olive: mine too :)

ana: thanks, you too!