Becca Stadtlander



Thanks to everyone who gave me their opinion and advice about the whole blog sponsorship thing. I haven't really made up my mind one way or the other. Some decisions take time, and this is one of them. But I do appreciate all the feedback I've received. Anyway, this post is really about the artwork of Becca Stadtlander.

I've been wanting to post about her art for a while as I think it's too special not to be shared, but I've been holding off because I've been trying to pinpoint in my head why I love it so much. I'm afraid it's difficult for me to describe, but I guess the best way to explain it is to say that her images carry mini-narratives. You look at them and you want more, like there's a story behind them that will be revealed if only you stare long enough. I like illustrations that compel this response, don't you? Also, speaking to Becca, I found out that she and Yelena are the best of friends and went to school together. It's a pure coincidence that I've featured both of them, but it's the kind of coincidence I love.

I strongly suggest perusing through Becca's website, blog and shop, but these are a few of my favourite images:









All images are copyrighted to Becca Stadtlander, please do not re-blog without proper credit. Thanks to Becca for letting me feature them here.

EDIT: Yelena just told me it's actually Becca's birthday today, another great coincidence. I honestly didn't know this, but I love the synchronisation of this post with her birthday. Happy Birthday Becca! I hope this post is a fitting birthday present from me.