Becca Stadtlander

Sunday, 9 October 2011



Thanks to everyone who gave me their opinion and advice about the whole blog sponsorship thing. I haven't really made up my mind one way or the other. Some decisions take time, and this is one of them. But I do appreciate all the feedback I've received. Anyway, this post is really about the artwork of Becca Stadtlander.

I've been wanting to post about her art for a while as I think it's too special not to be shared, but I've been holding off because I've been trying to pinpoint in my head why I love it so much. I'm afraid it's difficult for me to describe, but I guess the best way to explain it is to say that her images carry mini-narratives. You look at them and you want more, like there's a story behind them that will be revealed if only you stare long enough. I like illustrations that compel this response, don't you? Also, speaking to Becca, I found out that she and Yelena are the best of friends and went to school together. It's a pure coincidence that I've featured both of them, but it's the kind of coincidence I love.

I strongly suggest perusing through Becca's website, blog and shop, but these are a few of my favourite images:









All images are copyrighted to Becca Stadtlander, please do not re-blog without proper credit. Thanks to Becca for letting me feature them here.

EDIT: Yelena just told me it's actually Becca's birthday today, another great coincidence. I honestly didn't know this, but I love the synchronisation of this post with her birthday. Happy Birthday Becca! I hope this post is a fitting birthday present from me.


yelena bryksenkova said...

yay how lovely! it's actually becca's birthday today :)


hila said...

oh no way, really? happy birthday becca! i'm going to edit this post to include this detail, thanks for letting me know :) another wonderful coincidence ...

yelena bryksenkova said...

yes! well, it's not the 11th in australia anymore, but it's still her birthday over here! gosh, i love her work so much. nobody inspires me to work harder and keep improving more than becca.

hila said...

I'll pretend it's still the 11th on my side of the world :) I love her work too, I wish I could create such things.

odessa said...

oh my, these are so lovely! i'm especially drawn to the winter one with the deers and the girl reading on her bed. she is indeed very talented. i will need to check out her site. thanks for the intro, hila! you always find the most beautiful artworks. :)

p.s. i know this is rather late re:sponsorship, i'd say go for it! i think your blog is ready. cheers! xo

Joy said...

Happy birthday to her! Her artwork is wonderful to say the least.

Caitlin Rose said...

oh how serendipitous! and absolutely beautiful paintings.

rooth said...

How pretty - I particularly like the fox hunt in her etsy shop!

Sally said...

These are amazing!! I especially love the animal ones. :)

Tana said...

i love these illustrations, they`ve got a particular sweet atmosphere, little details that you like to watch, bref, pure pleasure. Thanks for posting that. Happy birthday to Becca.

See Hear Say said...

such amazing illustrations, i love them all! def well put and good point that you mentioned every piece seems to carry a story behind it, couldn't have agreed more.

Danielle P. said...

I simply adore her cats — you can tell she know felines well!

balladofseasons said...

oh! lovely illustrations!

SARAH said...

Stunning - it's like I'm reading a storybook without words, her illustrations are so full of motion and story.

Thea said...

Oh, these are absolutely lovely. I recognise a few of these artworks, but I never knew who they were by.

tywo said...

Oh my! Her work is beautiful!


Liza said...

I came across Stadtlander's work a few months ago and was also instantly taken with her ability to convey narrative. I'm happy to see her work featured here. Lovely post!

Petra said...

these are great indeed !!!

Siubhan said...

I do like a coincidence - and what a lovely one (or two, even)! I can absolutely see what you mean about why you like Becca's work - it is almost sort of cinematic, I think.

The pensive man with the pipe is my pick of your selection – I like that he could be anyone, anywhere, thinking about anything.

andrea despot said...

I love the amount of detail in her work! I think what you said about her work being "mini narratives" is what I like about them too. I always love art that is super detailed like this, ones you can just keep looking at and thinking of who lives in them and what their lives must be like...

the wild bunches said...

Love them both. Wish I could live inside their amazing works.

Kelly said...

Oh dear. Now some more items to have to my ever-expanding "must have this art NOW" list.

naomemandeflores said...

Her paintings are really like mini-narratives, you're so right! Thanks for sharing these amazing images and happy birthday Becca!

Camila Faria

P R I M O E Z A said...

equal love for becca's work. they give you that lovely child like feeling again.

gracia said...

Beautiful work, and I cannot resist the narrative pull either.

Ella said...

these are such wonderful illustrations, hila! what a great find :D

Darcy said...

I love her work! It reminds me so much of a stationary set my Granny gave me when I was 12 or 13 with little country scenes.

Monica said...

hello there.

gorgeous work. i think you described their appeal perfectly - it's the narratives they contain, and promise.

hila said...

odessa: thanks for the feedback odessa, much appreciated!

joy: yep, I agree.

caitlin rose: serendipitous is a splendid word :)

rooth: oh me too.

sally: yes, the cat ones are my favourites, naturally :)

tana: yes, you described them perfectly.

see hear say/laura: I particularly want to know the story behind the last image.

danielle: oh yes, me too!

balladofseasons: yep, lovely.

sarah: they are rather like a story book.

thea: I've seen them around too.

tywo: I agree!

liza: thank you, she is quite talented.

petra: yep!

siubhan: cinematic is a good way of putting it.

andrea: I like detailed work too, it gives me so much to soak in.

the wild bunches: I'd join you :)

kelly: ha, join the club.

camila: yep, happy birthday to becca!

primoeza: there is something pure about them.

gracia: I know you can't, you're a master image-narrator too.

ella: they are indeed!

darcy: I know what you mean, I had similar stationary when I was little.

monica: yes, so much promise.